Warranty Inspections

Most coatings systems are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a stated period of time. If during that time a failure should occur, the owner is entitled to corrective action at no additional cost.

Our inspector / divers can go into your tank while full of water, and complete the inspection normally within one working day. This results in considerable savings of down time and product with no compromise in quality of inspection or risk of damage to the coating system by workmen and/or

Pre-mature coating failure is a major industrial problem. Failure can cause permanent damage to the underlying structure and result in costly rework and recoating projects. However, most coating failures can be avoided with a proper and thorough coating inspection. Whether the inspection is for new or rehabilitation surfaces, general maintenance, or verification of a coating under warranty-we can help preserve your capital investment and extend its life.

Wet or Dry