Who is Dragomirja?  I created her foi my Unlimited Adventure, The Curse of Yezukriis III: Lifestyles of the Lich and Famous.  In the adventure design, she is a blacksmith who appears on the Isle of Amazons and is a potential ally of the adventuring party.  She will also appear in my forthcoming gladiatrix adventure, The Daughters of Hercules.
        Since I created her, and used the picture of the Blacksmith to depict her in the game, she has taken on an independent life of your own.  Dragomirja can be found wherever mediæval and classical adventure is to be found.  She can kill a red dragon with her bare hands.  She catches the thunderbolts of Zeus and throws them right back at him.
        If you'd like to create a Dragomirja adventure of your own, or write a story about her, I'd be glad to hear from you.  I hope these images provide you with some inspiration to get you started.  Enjoy!

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