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Imprimis de rebus pictorialibus:

Deinde de rebus politicis et religiosis:
Because I have been receiving what I consider to be an excessive number of link requests to commercial hentai and animé sites only marginally related to this one, I have come to the conclusion that someone has invented a new kind of spam-bot that trolls the web for artists' sites and sends these things, complete with attached banners, automatically.  If you have sent such an e-mail, don't expect a response from me.  If you want to know my opinion about commercial sex sites, read The simple, enforceable, and effective solution to the alleged problem of Internet pornography, which I have provided for you above.  (Hint: I'm against 'em.)  But whatever you think, please take notice of the following.

1. I don't use banners.  Ever.

2. I don't link to commercial sex sites of any description unless they are using my art.  (N.B. "Commercial" includes AdultCheck and similar devices!)

3. Any E-Mail requesting a link, that suggests that these criteria have not been seen and understood, will be deleted without a reply.  Repeat E-Mails of this description will be reported to the sender's ISP as just another kind of God-damned spam. 

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