THE COPPER COINAGE OF IMPERIAL RUSSIA 1700-1917 by B.F. BREKKE, Printed in Sweeden 1977.

To my knowledge, this is THEE reference for copper coinage. The work is divide by ruler. Each major issue type is chronologically listed with each issue type broken down by denomination and year. This volume illistrates the meaning of “varieties exist”. After each ruler’s preface are tables and plates displaying the coins. The large number of varieties is well covered by images but not all varieties are displayed. The book comes with a price list and comment card in a corner pocket inside the back cover. A 1987 supplement by the Russian Numismattic Society covers new prices, additions to the work and corrections.

I was collecting 5 kopeck pieces of the 18th century and asked a dealer if he knew of a reference work. He suggested this. Later I would acquire lots from the World Wide Coins of California auction of Brekke’s collection thus completing the cycle of knowledge and assets.

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