MONNAIES de L'EMPIRE DE RUSSIE 1725-1894 : 1973 Quarterman Publications, Inc. reprint. Originally in French and reprinted as such.

Language : Text in French with English foreword

Description : This is the 1973 reprint of the 1916 translation into French of the original work in Russian. The original is the codification of the Russian monetary system based upon the collection of Grand Duke Georgii Mikhailovich. This translation restricts itself to reproduction of the catalog of coins and plates.

Format : The work is divided into two basic sections. The first section is organized chronologically by ruler. Each ruler has a preface and engraving. Following the engraving is a yearly catalog of coinage. Each year is divided into a classification by metal then denomination. For each denomination, major types and varieties are identified. Each type and variety is given a number unique to the ruler. After the coinage listing for each ruler are the plates. Each coin described in the listing is represented in the plates. The second section of the book covers coinage related to Russian history organized by country / region. Countries / regions dealt with are Prussia, Georgia, Poland and Finland. Each country is covered in the same format as the rulers with plates at the end. At the end of the book is a price guide.

Notes : This is an essential work for any serious exploration of Russian coinage. The original in Russian contains much more documentation but is harder to acquire.

Acquired in an Antioch, California coin shop. After several visits to the coin shop, the employee finally permitted me to buy it. Previously 18th century 5 kopeck pieces were all I had gotten from this shop. I won't mention costs usually but I think $75 was a good buy.