This is a listing by denomination and year. The book deals in basic types with varieties listed. This is an excellent reference for general usage. This book acknowledges the Severin book by presenting a cross-reference between its numbering system and that of Severin.

The short description is not a comment on this book. My experience has been that dealers are using this reference in attribution of coins more and more often. The popularity of this work is a measure of its value. Personally I use this reference when I travel to coin shows. I use this volume to assemble my type sets. Inside the beginning pages is a statement that only 500 copies were printed (700 actually), I suggest you get one. As a side note, I wanted to purchase an 1831/0 ruble. The dealer wanted Mr. Julian to view it first incase it was rare (Mr. Julian was supposed to be at this Indianapolis show). The only images of 1831 rubles I have seen have this overdate. The dealer said he was told it wasn’t rare but it was in excellent condition. This work list 1831/0 as a confirmed overdate. P.S. I got the book before the coin.

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