GOLD AND PLATINUM COINAGE OF IMPERIAL RUSSIA 1701-1911 by H. M. Severin, Reprint of 1958 original with new material Copyright 1984 Sanford J. Durst Numismatic Publications

This book covers the precious metals spectum of russian coinage. Breakdown is by ruler, year and then denomination. For each year-denomination is listed known varieties. This book contains 17 plates. The plates appear to be reproductions of the images from Grand Duke Georgii Mikhailovich collection work. One can actual match image by image between this work and the 1973 reprint in French of the GDs corpus.

I like 5 ruble pieces. I found this book advertised and bought it. I use it constantly when dealing in gold. This volume made it clear to me that “varieties exist” based on coin legends and not just eagle designs.

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