RUSSIAN COINS 1700-1917 by V. V. UZDENOKOV, Moscow 1992

Language : This is the Russian-English bi-lingual edition. The majority of the book is left page or column Russian and right page or column English.

Description : This book covers russian coinage from coin listings to alloy standards. The work acts as a single reference point for a collector. The lengthly listings of coins is augmented by a strong reference section which could stand as a work in itself.

Format : This book can be divided into two parts. The first part consists of coinage tables and plates. The coinage tables are arranged by metal, year and denomination. Coins are distinguished by year, denomination, mint and mint master, edge and a type/group designation. After gold, silver and cooper are addressed, pattern coins in nickle alloy are listed. Next follows coins identified as of special isssue. These issues are special issue state coins, regional and national issues, and coin for foreign payment. Last follows countermarks and foreign coins related to russian history. The second part of this book is the "References". The references are a course on the russian monetary and coinage history.

Notes : This book represents a single source of extensive coin knowledge. For the English only reader, this is the all in one book I recommend.

I asked a well known dealer if he knew of a book on Russian coins in english. He had just gotten these books and recommended it. Truely an excellent recommendation. I often would read the footnotes in the back and then jump forward to find the coin in question.

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