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One of the short lived series of Russian coinage is the Baroque Kopeck (1755 - 1757). This coin deals with three re-occurring themes in Russian coinage.

1. Design Change : Every ruler of Imperial Russia was either honored by a design change or sought a design change in coinage. In this instance the design change was part of a plan to reform copper coinage.

2. Monetary Reform : The state of copper valuation in Russia was set by the ruler. If a ruler needed more cash, then copper value could be adjusted and minted or re-minted to support the new valuation. The presence of coinage with one minted value but variing copper content lead to several recoinage plans.

3. Re-Coining : When copper was re-valuated, the presence of variing copper content for a single denomination usually resulted in recalls, re-minting or both.

The above three aspects of Russian coppers (and silver, and gold, and platinum) are expressed simplisticly. For detailed discussion of the matter I suggest reading the "Russian Monetary System" by Spassky and the "Copper Coinage of Russia" by Brekke and its 1997 supplement. Both books are listed on my Bibliography Pages.

The above coin :




21.1 grams


33.33 mm


3 to 3.5 mm

Host Coin

172? 5 kopeck


Eagle in clouds with monogram EP in center, Mint Mark of St. Petersburg at bottom. Host coin 's cross design visible.


Eagle in clouds with coin value in center, Year in at bottom. Host coin's eagle in circle at center design visible.

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