Anime is the Japanese word for animation. (The background for this page consists of the kanji characters for "anime".) Anime differs from American cartoons not only in the artistic style but also in the variety of program subjects, from "Magical Girl" series like "Sailor Moon" to science fiction ("Bubblegum Crisis") to romance and comedy ("Kimagure Orange Road," "Project A-ko").

Here are several of my favorite series:

Oh My Goddess!Belldandy and Keiichi

This is a sweet romantic comedy about a Keiichi (right), college student who calls to order a pizza and instead reached the "Relief Goddess Help Line."  The lovely goddess Belldandy (left) appears and grants him a wish.  Keiichi wishes for someone like her to stay with him forever, and Belldandy announces that his wish is granted, and she will stay.  Only no women are allowed in the dorms, so Keiichi and Belldandy are out on the streets...and the adventure begins.

Due to variations of translation, this series is variously known as Oh My goddess, Ah My Goddess and by its Japanese title, Aa Megami-sama.  As a result, you may see this series abbreviated as OMG, AMG and AMS.

Oh My Goddess links:

 The Relief Goddess Office

 The Anime Gallery's Ah My Goddess Page

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Project A-koA-ko

This series is great because it doesn't take itself too seriously.  Instead, it pokes gentle fun at a number of anime traditions.  (Even its name is a takeoff on the Jackie Chan flick "Project A.")  Super-powered A-ko (above) is best friends with cute C-ko, much to the envy of the brilliant and wealthy schemer B-ko.  Every morning at school, B-ko shows up with a new technological marvel ("Mecha," the infamous giant robots of anime) to clean A-ko's clock.  A-ko dispatches the contraptions with ridiculous ease until B-ko shows up in a well-armed, heavily-armored yet very realing battle suit.  The following fracas trashes the school grounds and then most of the city.  Meanwhile, the two are oblivious to an invasion of aliens intent on kidnapping C-ko.

A Project A-ko QuickTime file (476K)

A-ko Movie Frame

Project A-ko links:

Graviton City Button

The Project A-ko Place

Project A-ko Page

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Kimagure Orange RoadKOR Logo

This series explores the complications of young love more honestly than almost any other TV show or movie.  Kyosuke and his family have ESP, which forces them to move from city to city when their powers are discovered. Newly arrived in town, Kyosuke meets Madoka, a tough, independent, brilliant and beautiful girl. The two are instantly smitten with each other. Between Madoka's fierce independence and Kyosuke's doubts he's good enough for her, the two face plenty of obstacles, but looming over even those is Madoka's best friend Hiraku, who has fallen in love with Kyosuke. Kyosuke doesn't want to break Hikaru's heart, especially since Madoka would be furious at him for hurting her friend. The complications of this love triangle lead to episodes at times poignant and funny.

I've only seen the five OAV, or Original Animation Video, releases, which include the episode that reveals the resolution of the triangle.

KOR Links:

A Whimsical Trip on Kimagure Orange Road

Kimagure Orange Road

Kimagure Orange Road

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Vampire Princess MiyuHiroko of Vampire Princess Miyu

Spooky, supernatural and short series (4 episodes on 2 tapes).  Hiroko (pictured) is a spiritualist who returns to her native Kyoto to investigate a young girl's mysterious coma.  There she meets Miyu, a yong vampire who, with the aid of her servant Larva, battles the demon Shinma who have crept onto the earthly plane and are causing all sorts of mystical woes.  As the story progresses a mysterious connection between Miyu and Hiroko is revealed.

Vampire Princess Miyu links:

Vampire Miyu Home Page

The World of Vampire Princess Miyu

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