The Adventures Of
Brisco County, Jr.
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It was a time of the frontier...when a fledgeling network put on an unusual show that combined action, suspense, and comedy in a hip tongue-in-cheek look at a West that never was.  Alas, Fox's The Adventures of Brisco Country Jr. never found the mass appeal that Hercules: The Legendary Journeys or Xena: Warrior Princess do, and lasted but one glorious season.  But those of us who were there have fond memories.  If you enjoy the gleeful historic revisionism of Xena and Hercules, you're sure to dig The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. (also executive produced by Hercules and Xena mastermind Sam Raimi).


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The Story

In the closing days of the 19th Century, the West has become nearly civilized, especially with the capture of the infamous Bly Gang. However, the evil John Bly manages to turn the tables on his captor, the famed marshal Brisco County Sr., and murders the lawman in making his escape.  A group of wealthy robber barons hires the marshal's son, Harvard-educated lawyer Brisco Country Jr. (Bruce Campbell), to pursue Bly and his gang and bring them to justice.

Joining the fun is the robber baron's mouthpiece, Socrates Poole (Christian Clemonson), sent along to keep an eye on County. Meanwhile, the notorious bounty hunter Lord Bowler (Julius Carry) vows to beat Brisco to the reward. The three join forces, aided at times by a mysterious orb, a sassy saloon singer (Kelly Rutherford), Comet the wonder horse, and an ever-changing assortment of oddballs, in hunting down the members of Bly's gang.

And hey--that's just the pilot!



The Good Guys

Brisco County, Jr.

(Bruce Campbell)
Brisco Described by TNT's promos a "part indiana jones, part James Bond and 100% cool," Brisco county is a Harvard-educated lawyer who leaves practicing law for a career following his father's footsteps as a bounty hunter.  He's a visionary always looking for "the coming thing" at the close of the 19th Century.  He's lantern-jawed, two-fisted, a superb shot, and all-around heroic. 

Lord Bowler

(Julius Carry)
Lord Bowler Lord Bowler, a former cavalry scout turned manhunter, begins the series as Bricso's rival but soon joins him as a partner.  It rankles him to be referred to as Brisco's "sidekick."  His tracking skills are far superior to Brisco's; he explains by claiming dirt "talks" to him. 

Socrates Poole

(Christian Clemenson)
Socrates Poole Earnest but inexperienced lawyer Socrates Poole is Brisco's contact with the wealthy men who are bankrolling his quest to bring Bly to justice.  They sometimes treat Poole and Brisco as errand boys, and it's Socrates who usually takes the heat.  

Clemenson also played the flight surgeon in the movie Apollo 13.

Dixie Cousins

(Kelly Rutherford)
Sultry singer Dixie Cousins first appeared as the gorgeous girlfriend of one of Bly's chief henchmen, but she and Brisco soon realize they're meant for each other.  Sadly, they never seem to have time to fulfill their destiny together. 

Professor Wickwire

(John Astin)
The Professor Wacky Professor Wickwire is always on the verge of inventing some technological marvel that in reality didn't appear until the next century.  He's truly diverse, working with everything from rockets to diving gear.


(Comet...actually a team of stunt horses)
Comet the Wonder Horse Comet the Wonder Horse is truly a marvel.  Besides being swift and intelligent, he can apparently converse with Brisco.  His sole weakness is for green apples.

The Bad Guys

John Bly

(Billy Drago)
The Evil John Bly Gang leader and psycho John Bly engineered the breakout that killed Brisco's father. He's obsessed by the orbs that Brisco encountered in the pilot episode and is usually up to some devilment.  His grinning demeanor seems to be hiding a sinister secret. 

Pete Hutter

(John Pyper-Ferguson)
Pete and his Piece Loquacious but dim Pete Hutter helped stage the breakout that claimed Brisco Sr.'s life. He frequently shows up as a thorn in Brisco's side.  He becomes helpless with rage whenever anyone touches his gun ("Nobody touches Pete's Piece!").  He has also shown a remarkable ability to survive apparently fatal injuries. 


Happily, fans of Brisco County can now enjoy the series once again! It airs weekly on TNT. Visit the official TNT Brisco County page for listings of next week's eposide, plus keen pictures, sounds, and movie clips!



The Orb Scholar
No Man's Land
Brisco in Jalisco
Socrates' Sister
Senior Spirit
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Deep in the Heart of Dixie
Crystal Hawks
Steel Horses
Mail Order Brides
AKA Kansas
Bounty Hunter's Convention
Fountain of Youth
Hard Rock
Brooklyn Dodgers
Bye Bly
Ned Zed
Wild Card
And Baby Makes Three
Bad Luck Betty
High Treason (Part 1)
High Treason (Part 2)
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