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Saturday, April 20, 2002x

saturday in spring

It was a beautiful morning here in Indianapolis. The local paper reports highs in the mid-60s and lows in the mid-50s, with a chance of thundershowers. It looks like that might happen, too, because since I sat down at the computer this afternoon the sky has become a lot more cloudy. But even so, this is a lovely spring day without all the heat we've been sharing with a lot of the country.

My mother and brother visited this morning. They pitched in with moving some final stuff from the old house. They left about an hour ago, in fact. We spent more than three years in the old place and I really loved that house--it was the first one I'd ever owned. Now, though, I'll be glad to get it on the market some time this week.

I'm still grabbing a lot of video game soundtracks and remixes. Last night and this morning I got the OST for the original Resident Evil—something I'm sure will come in handy over Halloween, at the very least. I also snagged some cool remixes of the Parasite Eve OST. For these cool sounds I turned to Gamingforce Audio. Oddly, I had no luck using Go!Zilla at that site, even though most of the music posted there is actually available.

I also got a haircut this morning—just a trim, but a necessary one. I like to keep my hair short, and I just hate having it on my forehead for some reason—I'm always brushing it back with my fingers. As you can tell, not an exciting day so far but a pleasant one, and I'm getting stuff done too. I'm going to get this done while I'm at it.

posted by Gregory Harris on 4/20/2002 //

Friday, April 19, 2002x

cool link of the day

Overclocked remixes is a repository of tweaked versions of video game music. Drawing from games for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Playstation, PC and other platforms, the various artists serve up a varied menu of funky, techno and jazzy beats. I just burned a CD of some choice selections; it's playing right now, in fact. The music is interesting in its own right, the more so if you enjoyed the game and dig different takes on the familiar theme.

Thanx to alphazero for posting this link on the forums of Destroy All Monsters.

posted by Gregory Harris on 4/19/2002 //


it's code in here

Random thought: Although I hand-coded the early incarnations of my other Web page, I have been using Dreamweaver to edit it (when I did so) for the past five years. (And loving it, as Maxwell Smart used to say.) During that period I've spent some time as a software instructor, teaching HTML as well as Dreamweaver, Flash and many other applications. But launching this blog has shown how rusty my HTML skills became; it's also provided a welcome opportunity to scrape the rust off of same. Watch for improvements to the page template as well as more interestingly formatted posts.

posted by Gregory Harris on 4/19/2002 //


current favorites

I'm proud to introduce one element that I'm sure will be a constant feature of Planet current favorites. I have many interests that are a cherished part of my life, and narrowing the choice of favorite anything tends to be an agonizing task. As a result, I tend to cheat—I either provide a "top n" list or just change the current favorite on a rotating basis. Here are some things that currently occupy the top spot on my list. Many are subject to change; others are fairly permanent. You'll see which is which in future posts.

//Update: Due to Blogger's quirk of inserting a lot of space before a table, I split this entry into two separate posts. Scroll down to read the table. Apparently Blogger puts in a bunch blank space when you include a table. I know it's annoying; I'll remove this message if I manage to fix it. Blogger gurus, suggestions are welcome.

posted by Gregory Harris on 4/19/2002 //


current favorites (4/19/02):
Movie:Moulin Rouge
Kung fu Movie:The Five Deadly Venoms // Review at Teleport City
Zombie Movie:Dawn of the Dead
Anime:Kimagure Orange Road
TV Show:The West Wing
Record:Björk, Debut
Writer:William Gibson
Muppet:Fozzie Bear
Donut:Krispy Kreme lemon-filled
Candy bar:Zero (good luck finding them in Indy, but the company where I work actually stocks them in their vending machines! Yippee!
Non-alcoholic beverage:black coffee
Alcoholic beverage:Gin and tonic

posted by
Gregory Harris on 4/19/2002 //


a little about me

If you don't know me already (and if you don't, I'm amazed you're reading this already), I'm sure the astonishing dearth of information on this page has you wildly curious about me. Fear not, pilgrim; I have provided a short bio page. That should satisfy any burning need to know for the time being.

posted by Gregory Harris on 4/19/2002 //

Thursday, April 18, 2002x

planet swank debuts

Greetings all. Welcome to this collection of thoughts and musings that the Marvel Comics villain Mephisto would refer to as "the smouldering labyrinth that is my brain." Although I've let my regular Web site go without some desperately needed updates for far too long, I wanted to cultivate a space where I could toss out cool links I come across in my exploration of the Web, ponder the nuances of life in this modern world, and grouse about life in general.

Watch the, I mean, watch this space for frequent (I hope) posts and updates. I also plan to add a short bio page within the week. In the meantime, feel free to give me a shout.

posted by Gregory Harris on 4/18/2002 //


this is a test

This is a test of the Blogger post system. This is only a test. If this were an actual post, you would see content, news, or information.

posted by Gregory Harris on 4/18/2002 //