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  xFriday, November 01, 2002

i choose not to 'get over it'

The Dodd at Ipse Dixit believes that anyone still upset over the travesty of the 2000 Presidential election should "Get over it already." No doubt, Bush has pretended that he has a mandate, and it'd be awfully convenient for the Republicans if everyone else would get with that program as well. Still, I suspect that if things had turned out differently, we still wouldn't have heard the end of it from the Right.

Regardless, this New Yorker piece eloquently explains why that's the last thing we should do.
...there is no doubt that American democracy suffered a grievous wound....for the first time since the nineteenth century the United States is governed by a President who, as a candidate, was rejected at the polls.

The victory of a popular-vote loser in the Electoral College...would have created a ticklish dilemma even if it had happened cleanly. It did not happen cleanly. Florida was an unremitting travesty, right down to the awarding of the state and the Presidency to George W. Bush by the five most conservative Justices of the Supreme Court, in a decision so shoddily reasoned and so at odds with their normal jurisprudential inclinations that the only plausible explanation for it is that they were simply imposing their political preference.

The new President's response to all this was to ignore it. He made no attempt to broaden his government or to mitigate its program of putting money in the pockets of the rich, rolling back environmental protections, favoring energy extraction over conservation, and the rest. Bush's intransigence demanded a response, and it must be said that Gore did not provide one.

(via Talking Points Memo)


día de los muertos

day of the dead figure
Lest we forget, today is Day of the Dead., not that one.


swank astronomy news of the day

CNN: Jupiter moon like giant "lava lamp"
lava lamp


halloween roundup

Last night I took the girls trick-or-treating up and down the block. Cecilia dressed up as a bat; my lovely wife made her a set of bat wings, and I made her some ears. Naomi was a cat, which pretty much meant black sweats and a pair of store-bought cat ears and tail. Despite the fact that less than half the houses on our block had their porch lights on, the girls cleaned up in terms of candy, and Cecilia was very charming as she clambered up the various porch steps, knocked on the doors, and said "Trick or treating!" Eventually they got so loaded up that I stopped bringing Naomi up...there's no way she's going to eat that much candy, and if she did we'd have one wired toddler on our hands.

After the girls settled down for bed, we watched our new DVD of Halloween. All in all, it was a very pleasant and special holiday.

Here's the roundup of all this year's Halloween-related posts.

Update: SixDifferentWays pointed out some cool Halloween content at The History Channel.

  xThursday, October 31, 2002


On a sad note, Hawaii Five-O co-star Kam Fong Chun has died in Honolulu after a long fight against cancer. The actor, who played Detective Chin Ho Kelly, was 84.

And Jason Mizell, who gained fame as DJ Jam Master Jay of the poineering rap group Run-DMC, was shot and killed Oct. 30 in a New York recording studio. He was 37.



I mentioned earlier this month that a federal judge struck down an Alabama law banning the sale of sex toys on grounds that it violated the right to privacy. Now state Attorney General Bill Pryor has filed an appeal of the ruling with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, ensuring that the state will be the subject of jokes among late-night comics and bloggers (as well as spending a healthy chunk of taxpayers' money) for some time to come.

(via War Liberal)


nifty site of the day

Here's a really c00L Flash-powered online clock that features a unique and clever display.

(via Charles Murtaugh)


trick or treat, safely

If you're taking the kiddies trick-or-treating (and I will be, myself, later on), bear in mind these safety tips from CNN. And don't forget the list from the Indianapolis Star I cited earlier.


horror film list of the day

The staff of list their picks of horror movies and TV shows they'd bring to a horror movie marathon.


halloween comic of the day

fox trot comic
Fox Trot is really funny today.


horror movie review site of the day

My friend Sparky emailed me last night to let me know he's been writing DVD reviews of horror movies for a horror-oriented Webzine called Horror-Wood, which also features an interview with renowned writer Richard Matheson (I Am Legend, The Night Stalker, lots of Twilight Zone episodes, many more). Sparky's October column will be visible for the rest of the day and replaced tomorrow, but you can always check out the extensive review-age in the archives.

Cool stuff! I had no idea.


horror wallpaper of the day

halloween movie wallpaper
Happy Halloween!

(courtesy Dreadful Mirrorz)

halloween movie wallpaper
As a bonus, here's another wallpaper based on Halloween--indeed, another collage of images of the Shape--courtesy Horror Attic.

The guys at Stomp Tokyo have reviewed the entire Halloween (IMDb entry) series: Halloween, Halloween II, Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, Halloween 6: The Producer's Cut, and Halloween: H20.

  xWednesday, October 30, 2002

zombie screenplay link of the day

George A. Romero's original (and ultimately rejected) screenplay for the Resident Evil movie. Speaking of which, here's the original, unproduced screenplay to Romero's third installment in his zombie trilogy, Day of the Dead, and the script to Dawn of the Dead.


news at dam

Although things have been slow around here lately, I did manage to write a couple of news posts for Destroy All Monsters.


...and another

I seem to have reached the character limit on the post below, but I did want to add this interview with George Romero at The Onion. Enjoy!


horror wallpaper of the day

dawn of the dead wallpaper
Today's horror wallpaper shows zombies roaming a shopping mall in a scene from 1978's Dawn of the Dead, George A. Romero's superlative sequel to the 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead. A deft blend of horror, comedy, gore (supplied my special effects master Tom Savini, who also makes a couple of cameo appearances) and social commentary, Dawn surpasses its excellent predecessor and stands as perhaps the definitive zombie movie. Indeed, its success in Europe spawned the legion of Italian zombie movies we know and love. Dawn was released in Italy as Zombi; prompting Lucio Fulci's 1979 not-exactly sequel to be released as Zombi 2, arriving in the US called simply Zombie. As the guys from Teleport City point out, the situation is reminiscent of the whole Big Boss/Chinese Connection/Fist of Fury naming debacle that affected Bruce Lee movies.

Here's a tribute to Romero at House of Horrors, Zombie Farm: the Dawn of the Dead Preservation Page, a review at Creature Corner, a review at Cavalcade of Schlock, and a look at the movie from PhillyBurbs' 2002 Halloween Guide. Don't forget to see the reviews I linked earlier, as well.

(courtesy Horror Attic, once again; also available at

dawn of the dead wallpaper
As a bonus, here's another wallpaper based on the Dawn of the Dead teaser poster. I don't remember where I found this one last year.

  xTuesday, October 29, 2002

home theater toy of the day

Musashi of Destroy All Monsters emailed me about this utterly unnecessary but still cool home theater toy: a custom DVD that announces your own home theater system, just like the in-house promotions commerical theaters use. It can be personalized with a name you choose and comes in a variety of styles like Hollywood and Art Deco.


muppet link of the day

A comprehensive Muppet FAQ

(via BoingBoing)


a slow week...

...well, as far as this blog is concerned, anyway. I'm pretty busy with work/Halloween preparations/other personal matters, and I owe Destroy All Monsters a review or two. (I have not even been through my blogroll today!) So look for posting to be light for the rest of today at least. I hope to be back in the swing of things by the end of the week.


horror film list of the day

Speaking of Bruce Campbell, here's the man's own picks for the best and worst horror flicks of all time, courtesy of his official site.


horror wallpaper of the day

evil dead ii wallpaper
Today's classic horror wallpaper is from Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn, Sam Raimi's wonderful follow-up to his landmark low-budget horror flick The Evil Dead, featuring an ultra-cool, ultra-manic, ultra-groovy Bruce Campbell (official site) battling demons with his trusty chainsaw and shotgun.

Here's Roger Ebert's review, plus reviews by ("Here is one of the great bad movies!"), And You Thought It Was Safe! ("Here's the proof. Sam Raimi is totally nuts. And I love it."), the Mutant Reviewers from Hell ("You haven't really lived until you've seen this flick."), PhillyBurbs' Zombie Guide, and The Vault. And here's a review/essay by Dr. Freex of The Bad Movie Report that discusses the Evil Dead flicks in light of the decline of the American horror film.

(courtesy Horror Attic)

As a bonus, here's another wallpaper based on the Evil Dead 2 video box, courtesy Ren's World of Horror.

  xMonday, October 28, 2002

flying high

A restored World War II P-38 Lightning fighter took to the skies today for the first ime in 60 years. The plane, dubbed "Glacier Girl," was among a flight of six fighters and two bombers that were forced to crash-land on a Greenland glacier on July 15, 1942. A team of rescuers on dogsleds saved all the flight's crew, at least one of whom was on hand to witness today's flight. Over the years the abandoned planes were buried under tons of snow and ice, but Glacier Girl was recovered in 1992 and restored in a ten-year project. Awesome.

(via Ipse Dixit and MetaFilter)

In related news, legendary pilot Chuck Yeager, the first to break the sound barrier, duplicated his feat once again at the controls of an F-15 Eagle fighter. Yeager is 79.

(via FARK)


i am contented

Thanks to Destroy All Monsters editor-in-chief Musashi for informing me that my anime review of the Ah! My Goddess! movie has been picked up by They're also running Musashi's reviews of the wacky Hong Kong comedy/action film Shaolin Soccer and the anime movie Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, as well as other anime reviews, with more to come later.


horror wallpaper of the day

frankenstein wallpaperAs we celebrate the final countdown toward Halloween, the last batch of wallpapers are going to be from the coolest horror flicks ever (not that they pretty much haven't been all along). Let's kick things off with an old-school reference: some classic Universal horror, in this case James Whale's 1931 classic Frankenstein, which launched the long horror career of a British actor named William Henry Pratt, who achieved fame under the stage name Boris Karloff.

resident evil wallpaper
As a bonus (and to make up for not postying one Saturday), here's wallpaper from Capcom's new version of Resident Evil for the Nintendo GameCube, courtesy Capcom's official Resident Evil site. In an unusual move, rather than creating a sequel for the platform, Capcom remade the original Resident Evil game to take advantage of the GameCube's more advanced capabilities.

  xSunday, October 27, 2002

non-zombie link of the day

I also wanted to mention that review site Unknown Movies has a look at one of my favorite bad movies: Blind Fury, starring Rutger Hauer. In a sort of twisted take on the Zatoichi films, Hauer plays a blind Vietnam vet who learns how to master swordplay and winds up taking on a horde of bad guys from the local mob. It's a hoot.


zombie link of the day

I gave a passing reference a few weeks ago to a Halloween special edition of the PhillyBurbs Web site. Their 2002 edition once again contains a comprehensive Zombie Guide featuirng a history of zombie films, a look at zombie master George A. Romero's next project (w00t!) and a horde of reviews, including Lucio Fulci's Zombie and Peter Jackson's insanely great Dead Alive. I watched that flick again the other day, and when it was over I felt it was the best film ever made. I'm sure I'll change my mind the next time I watch Casablanca or Citizen Kane but for now, it rules.


zombie movie wallpaper of the day

zombie wallpaper

Today's wallpaper is from the 1979 Lucio Fulci horror picture Zombie, which I picked up for ten bucks at Best Buy the other day and watched just this morning. (Reviews at Teleport City--which hosts reviews of several other gory Italian zombie flicks, as if there were any other kind--Stomp Tokyo, and .)

(Courtesy Dreadful Mirrorz)

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