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  xFriday, April 09, 2004

video game post of the day

A happy 25th anniversary to Space Invaders!

I think I've mentioned it before, but the Space Invaders fan site I linked to has a Flash-based online version of the game, as well as links to the ROM for the MAME emulator.


quick headline check

The top two headlines currently at Yahoo! lead me to imagine that Karl Rove is tearing out what's left of his hair:

Chaos erupts in parts of central Iraq
Al-Qaida threat included in Bush memo

All snark aside, while I'm hardly loath to see the Bush Administration forced, at long last, to accept responsibility for its fialure to defend America on 9/11, the "chaos erupts in central Iraq" part is not good at all. Funny how avoidance of just such a possibility was partly what motivated Bush Senior (along with not a few current Bush minions) during the first Gulf War.

Update: Another headline: "Administration 'Not Panicked' on Iraq." Gee, I feel so much better! [/sarcasm]


cosplay post of the day

Some genius as created a set of spiffy replicas of the computer-universe outfits from the movie Tron. They even glow in the dark. Sw33t!

Tron trivia: The 1982 film co-starred Bruce Boxleitner and Peter Jurasik, who would go on to appear together in the popular sci-fi TV series Babylon 5 more than a decade later. The film also featured American Ninja star Michael Dudikoff in a small role.

(via BoingBoing; cross-posted at Destroy All Monsters)


new at dam

My review of the soon-to-be-released anime soundtrack CD Love Hina Best Collection is now posted over at Destroy All Monsters.

And don't miss Musashi's hilarious take on American Idol reject William Hung's CD Inspiration. Um, imspired partly by Musashi's descriptions of how bad it was, I gave the thing a listen (well, a partial listen...I couldn't make it all the way through), and I have to admit some admiration for this dude actually cutting this album, not to mention the fact that he'll probably sell a batch of copies, too.

  xThursday, April 08, 2004

rice to testify today

I'm looking forward to the testimony of National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice before the 9/11 commission today. Already the promises that Rice would use the forum to refute Richard Clarke's charges that the Bush Administration was asleep at the switch prior to the attackes seem to have fallen by the wayside. (And why not, as the general framework of Clarke's assertions has been largely corroborated.)

Here's an AP roundup suggesting issues that may be discussed today. The two key questions for Rice are:

  1. What warnings did Bush receive about the possibility of an al Qaeda hijacking?

  2. What actions did the Bush Administration take in response?

I don't think the answers will reflect well on the Bush Administration. Moreover, I think the Bush Administration knows it too, given Bush's awfully specific denials to the effect that had he been warned that al Qaeda would attack on that day, with that method, he would have taken all necessary actions to prevent it.
Of course, if Bush had prevented the hijacking, it wouldn't have mattered if the terrorists had planned to use the airplanes as missiles. I would point out that Bush's statements seem to contradict the feeble defense of Bush apologists that taking action to prevent a hijacking would have met with political resistance -- Bush has said that he would have taken the necessary action regardless. What remains a mystery is why he took no apparent action whatsoever to prevent the hijackings in the first place.

Meanwhile, the Bush Administration continues to act as if it has something to hide, this time by refusing to provide the commission with the text of a speech Rice was to deliver on 9/11. That speech outlined what was (and, actually, remains) one of the Bush Administratin's top national security priorities: National missile defense. There was also the abortive attempt to withhold documents describing the Clinton Administration's antiterrorism efforts. And the Republican commision co-chair, Thomas Kean, hinted that a "security review" by the White House might delay the release of the final report until after the November elections. For an Administration that has staked its re-election on its performance in national security, the White House hardly seems willing to be held accountable.

Update: I don't plan to do real-time blogging of Rice's testimony, but jeez: I'm listening to the NPR audio feed, and her opening statement essentially said that nearly every Administration responded slowly to threats going back to WWI and WWII. Holy cow, how lame.

Update 2: I listened to pretty much the whole thing. I agree with those who've said that Rice's testimony isn't likely to change minds either way. People who need to believe that the Bush Administration is competent can find comfort in her testimony, while those who suspect Rice is covering for Bush can point to her sticking to the same talking points and spin. I'll have more comment later, I hope, but it's late and I need to hit the sack.

  xWednesday, April 07, 2004

cheapo dvd alert

I like to celebrate my first paycheck at a new job by indulging myself a little. This time around, money is still a wee bit tight at the moment, but I did kick loose enough scratch to order a trio of cheapo Mei Ah DVDs from HKFlix's bargain blowout. With shipping, the three were less than $25. They arrived today:

w00t! I just finished watching Young and Dangerous, in fact. The DVD is no-frills indeed. It's just the movie, without even a menu.

I hope to order three more before the sale is concluded. Even so, these discs should give me plenty to watch for a while. By the way, Bio-Zombie is a mere seven bucks, and highly recommended at that price, but you must order it from the bargain page.


new at dam

My review of the recent Divimax DVD reissue of Dawn of the Dead is now up over at Destroy All Monsters.

And speaking of zombies, check out this Slate article wondering how (in films like the DotD remake and 28 Days Later) zombies got so darn fast all of a sudden. The article fails to take into account the super-speed zombied of the great Peter Jackson flick Dead Alive (after all, they were amped up on animal stimulant) and the legions of undead in Hong Kong movies that not only move quickly but do kung fu, but it does have a point.


very bad news

I haven't had much time to blog lately. Although I plan to say more about it later, I do want to say that the recent news out of Iraq is far from encouraging, to say the least.

About the dearth of blogging, I'm not satisfied, of course, but everything's fine. I'm very busy at work, and blogging is a no-no, but there's no bad situation at all.

update: I'm not alone in this sentiment, of course, but Phil Carter has a sobering analysis. He isn't sanguine at all about the recent developments.

  xMonday, April 05, 2004

japanese culture post of the day

Two words: Origami kaiju. Sw33t!

(via Wirehed Magazine; cross-posted at Destroy All Monsters.)


new at dam

My review of the romance anime Saikano is now up over at Destroy-All-Monsters.

  xSunday, April 04, 2004

m4d props of the day

Byzantium's Shores offers one of the kindest death threats I've ever received.

If it's any consolation, we had snow a bare two weeks ago.

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