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  xFriday, May 14, 2004


lamborghini police cruiser

Italian police have added a Lamborghini to their rolling stock.
This high performance 2-seater Laborghini Gallardo car, using a V10 cylinder DOHC four valve V90 5 liter, 500 Hp engine, can reach the top speed of 309 km/h (192 Mph).

More details and photos here, including the revelation that the lamborghini will also be used to transport emergency human organ transplants.

(via FARK)


hero of the day

An alert nine-year-old saved a baby from becoming yet another statistic in the "idiotic-parent-leaves-kid-to-bake-in-a-hot-car Hall of Shame."
A car sitting in a parking lot with no shade at 4 pm in the middle of May is not a safe place to leave a child.

"You can't just leave them. It's illegal to do that," said Kelby Fruecht.

That's why Collier County deputies arrested Sarka Guilbalt Tuesday. In the arrest report, it says her baby was in the car for nearly an hour. Guilbalt was shopping at the Home Goods store and reportedly left the baby in her SUV because the baby was sleeping.

But the infant was not sleeping when Kelby Fruecht walked by.

"The baby was red, he was sweating. His hair was soaking wet, his clothes were wet," said Fruecht.

The baby survived, but in 2003 the number of children that died in an unattended vehicle jumped 70 percent from the year before.

The woman is apparently out of jail. Pity.

(via FARK)


obscure anime post of the day

end of evangelion
Musashi sent me a package of DVDs to review. Among them was my long-awaited cpy of The End of Evangelion, the follow-up movie to Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death and Rebirth, which I reviewed last year.

The final episodes of the hugely popular anime series -- which I have yet to see, despite having a copy -- were reputed to be obscure and ambigu-licious. So much so, indeed, that the folks at GAINAX released the Death and Rebirth/End of Evangelion movies as a way of rephrasing the events of the sereis' close. I watched the movie last night for the first time (I do have a fansub lying around somewhere, but I had never gotten around to viewing it), and all I can do is echo the sentiments of Krusty the Clown. I'll have to watch it a few more times in order to write a coherent review.

Even so, I did enjoy the movie, despite the fact that one of my favorite characters dies...from the way things were going in D&R, I expected that outcome. And the battle scene where Asuka revives and takes out nine enemy-controlled EVA units is wonderfully well-done and cathartic. I will, of course, post a link to my review when it's posted.

I'm also listening to the soundtrack, which Musashi also kindly provided, right now.

  xThursday, May 13, 2004

gore post of the day

As an update to yesterday's post about f/x technicians working with disaster preparedness simulations, BoingBoing points to this online shop selling an all-in-one fake gore kit. Here's what you get for the low, low price of US$550:
1 Foreign Body Protrusion
1 Eyeball
1 Eviscerated Intestines
1 Each - small, medium and large lacerations
1 Each - Compound fractured tibia, humerus and femur
1 Each - Small and large sepsis wounds
1 Avulsion
2 Crushed feet
2 Second degree burns
1 Each - 1st and 3rd degree burns
1 Small flesh wound
1 Each - small and large fracture
1 Jaw wound
1 Perforated wound
15 Assorted moulage stick-on wounds
7 assorted bleeding strap-on wounds - complete with blood reservoir bags and pumps
1 Lower leg impalement
1 Broken clavicle
1 Each - compound fracture of humerus and tibia
1 Laceration of forearm
1 Projectile entry
1 Plexiglass pk for simulated "glass in wound"

...and much, much more! You could make a decent low-budget horror movie with all that stuff...


tom friedman explains it all

NYT columnist and prominent liberal hawk Tom Friedman finally realizes the folly of trusting the Bush Administration:
It has always been more important for the Bush folks to defeat liberals at home than Baathists abroad.

Bingo! It's only amazing it took Friedman so long to figure it out.

However, his long tenure as a war cheerleader gives special credibility to his assessment:
Why, in the face of rampant looting in the war's aftermath, which dug us into such a deep and costly hole, wouldn't Mr. Rumsfeld put more troops into Iraq? Politics. First of all, Rummy wanted to crush once and for all the Powell doctrine, which says you fight a war like this only with overwhelming force. I know this is hard to believe, but the Pentagon crew hated Colin Powell, and wanted to see him humiliated 10 times more than Saddam. Second, Rummy wanted to prove to all those U.S. generals whose Army he was intent on downsizing that a small, mobile, high-tech force was all you needed today to take over a country. Third, the White House always knew this was a war of choice — its choice — so it made sure that average Americans never had to pay any price or bear any burden. Thus, it couldn't call up too many reservists, let alone have a draft. Yes, there was a contradiction between the Bush war on taxes and the Bush war on terrorism. But it was resolved: the Bush team decided to lower taxes rather than raise troop levels.

...And, of course, why did the president praise Mr. Rumsfeld rather than fire him? Because Karl Rove says to hold the conservative base, you must always appear to be strong, decisive and loyal. It is more important that the president appear to be true to his team than that America appear to be true to its principles. (Here's the new Rummy Defense: "I am accountable. But the little guys were responsible. I was just giving orders.")

Rumsfeld, by the way, definitely needs to go. His continued presence makes a mockery of Bush's campaign 2000 claim to restore responsibility to the White House. Surely Republicans don't condone putting political expedience above principle?

(via Pandagon)


reggae post of the day

bob marley's legend

Bob Marley's classic album Legend -- a rare example of a greatest-hits compilation that takes on a life of its own as a key musical document -- is 20 years old. I need to dig out my copy this evening.

(via MeFi)

  xWednesday, May 12, 2004

kaiju movie post of the day

Destroy All Monsters links to a Fangoria review of the recent re-release of the original, uncut 1954 Godzilla flick. Here's a QuickTime trailer for the flick. Alas, according to its release schedule, the closest it's coming to Indy is Chicago, so I'll probably have to wait for the DVD.


anime wallpaper of the week

ranma 1/2 wallpaper

On my desktop at work this week is this image tribute to the awesome anime series Ranma ˝, courtesy this German anime wallpaper site.


gore post of the day

Wired reports on effects technicians who aid disaster drills by making up volunteers with realistic-looking signs of trauma. The story is full of cool gory pictures, which are, of course, cool in that they're all fake.


paranormal post of the day

The Mexican Air Force apparently had a close encounter with one or more UFOs. [cue X-Files theme music...]
Mexican Air Force pilots filmed 11 unidentified objects in the skies over southern Campeche state, a Defense Department spokesman confirmed Tuesday.

A videotape made widely available to the news media on Tuesday shows the bright objects, some sharp points of light and others like large headlights, moving rapidly in what appears to be a late-evening sky.

The lights were filmed on March 5 by pilots using infrared equipment. They appeared to be flying at an altitude of about 3,500 meters (11,480 feet), and allegedly surrounded the Air Force jet as it conducted routine anti-drug trafficking vigilance in Campeche. Only three of the objects showed up on the plane's radar.


More pix here.


abu ghraib

I haven't said anything about the continued revelations of torture in Abu Ghraib. I've been more appalled and disgusted with each passing day, not only at the torture -- about which the citizens of the US clearly don't know the half as of yet -- but also at the increasing tendency of some to apologize, or seek to distract deserved attention from, for these disgusting acts. The Washington Monthly and Joushua Marshall are essential sources, among many others.

Jaquandor has an eloquent post on his reaction to the senseless murder of American contractor Nicholas Berg that pretty much sums up my feelings.

Except for this: Our honor as Americans is, and ought to be, that we do not tolerate torture. Anyone who suggests otherwise is no patriot. How ironic that after more than a year -- heck, my entire lifetime -- of the Right bashing the Left because of its patriotism, we now see some on the Right showing how shallow their so-called patriotism really is.


new at dam

My review of the insanely great Rumiko Takahashi anime TV series Ranma ˝ is now posted at Destroy All Monsters.

  xTuesday, May 11, 2004

lovecraft post of the day

Some geniuses have created a set of downloadable PDF files to dress up any book as an item from the Miskatonic University library. Sw33t!

While you're at it, you can get your own diploma from Miskatonic University (although, truth to tell, I already have one; I bought it from a calligrapher at a 'con, more than a decade ago.)

(via Wirehed Magazine)

  xMonday, May 10, 2004

new at dam

This month, Destroy All Monsters is celebrating the long career of noted manga-ka Rumiko Takahashi with a look at some of her best-loved work and the anime they inspired. We kick things off today with my review of the manga Inu-Yasha, Volume 6.


it seems...


You are Miroku! All that matters in life is who is
going to be your next boyfriend/girlfriend and
where to take him/her next. Not to worry
though, because you are bright and you do your
school work. And hey, you even have a fan club!

What Inuyasha Character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

While we're at it, on the villain side: What Inuyasha Villain Are You?


techie post of the day

ZDNet's Charles Cooper fisks Google's IPO statement.


blogger revamp

Over the weekend, Blogger underwent a complete overhaul. So far the changes seem pretty much cosmetic, although the changes to the user interface may take some time to get used to.

One big change is the addition of Blogger-hosted comments. Since my previous comments feature is still down, I expect to add that comment feature some time today. I'll also explore the other settings, and take advantage of the opportunity to make long-overdue tweaks to the template and blogroll. Stay tuned!

Update: I just added the Blogger comments code. In a word, yuck. It apparently launches a b0inked version of Planet Swank's basic template, but with no grafix or font formatting. Interestingly, the change did not apply to previous posts. Obviously, the whole thing needs further tweaking. More later.

Update 2: The folks at BoingBoing like the changes.

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