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I personally think it's rare for real friendships to develop on the Internet.  But in my case there are some wonderful exceptions.  This is my gallery of real people I've been privileged to know thru the magic of technology.  They appear in alphabetical order.

Yes...they're all women.  Sue me.



Amber Amber, a former NASA employee, is currently living to Las Vegas.  She's imaginative, confident, well read, sensitve and of course very pretty.  We have been sharing our literary tastes and plan to start a book club if I can ever get my act together. 


Ayako Ayako has taught me a lot about Japanese culture, including when to say Ohayo and when to say Oyasumi (good morning and good night). She is from Tokyo but is currently an exchange student in California.  We don't chat much but still keep in touch thru e-mail.


Chrissy Chrissy is a technical support tech here in Indianapolis. She is a single mom raising a daughter. She writes poetry, some of which you can read on her Web page.


Elena Elena is a very special friend from Novosibirsk, Russia. She teaches English there and has an excellent command of the language.  Her husband is currently working as a programmer here in the States and she uses the Internet to keep in touch, an also to make friends.  I'm fortunate to be one of them.


Erin Erin is a freshman at the University of North Carolina.  She plans to go to med school.  She's bright, ambitious, popular and very thoughtful.  Visit her Web page.


Heidi Heidi is a counselor living in Sudbury Canada.  We share many common interests and I've always been impressed by her intelligence and wisdom.  Visit her Web page.

Jersey Girl

Jersey Girl My first real Internet pal...I discovered her Web site looking for graphics for my own modest home page.  Soon I began bombarding her with requests for advice and she always graciously responded.  Her Web design skills put my own in the shade, and she's a very sweet person.


Karin I met Karin online quite by accident fairly recently. She's about my age, a mother of four from Ontario, Canada. She has given me good feedback on the books my company publishes.


Sandy Sandy (Lam Ka Wai) is a 23-year-old student from Macau, China.  Her boyfriend lives in London and she uses the Interent to communicate with him and other friends such as myself.  Her English is excellent and she's a big fan of Winnie the Pooh.  She mailed me this photograph in February.  


Sunny Sunny is the queen of the Internet in Taiwan, ROC. Her intelligence and personality are sparkling, and she's also very sweet and thoughtful.  She travels widely and has shared her insights into many cultures with me. Take a look at more pictures of the lovely Sunny.



I met Tracy online just after she got her computer, and helped her get up and running. She moved from Kentucky to Chicago and now lives in Indiana. She spends a lot of time chatting and maintains a Web page where you can learn more about her and her four lovely children.


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