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This page is devoted to some of my favorite computer games, including some classics.  The other day, I was sorting through some old floppy disks and I discovered part of my games collection.  Even in this era of 3D-accelerated blockbusters, I was amazed at how much fun these humble DOS-based games still are.  I downloaded the shareware versions of these games, not from the Internet but from BBSes!  Over a 2400 baud modem, no less.  Of course, these games also fit on a 1.44MB floppy disk, so they were easy to obtain.
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Wolfenstein 3D

This is the award-winning game that started the first-person shooter craze. The player takes the role of an Allied prisoner of war in an escape attempt from a Nazi stronghold. While the graphics are simple by today's standards, the playability remains excellent. A limited number of powerups means that an SS guard sneaking up behind you can end the game before you know it, so watch your back! 

Download the shareware version (836K). 
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Wolfenstein 3D screen shot


Galactix screen shot
Anyone who's played arcade games in the 80s will appreciate this one. A variation of the "single ship battling horders of aliens" theme, Galactix takes the player on a tour of the solar system. The aliens come in several nasty varieties, but the player can pick up missiles, bombs and more powerful lasers to blast them to space dust. There's no save feature, so if you get greedy going after power-ups in an asteroid field, you could find yourself pulverized and forced to start over. 

Download the shareware version (655K).

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This game represented a true quantum leap in immersive gaming. The environment is truly impressive.  Walls can be any height and any angle, light sourcing means you can fight in shadows or darkness, barrels explode and radioactive goo kills you.  There are more weapons and powerups, and more purely evil monsters.  Plus the "battling minions of Hell" theme makes for a genuinely frightening experience.  Truly a must have. 

Download the shareware version (2393K). 

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Doom screen shot

Close Combat

Close Combat

This is one of the most realistic tactical combat games I've ever played.  A recreation of the WWII Battle of Normandy, you command the Germans or Americans.  Rifle squads, heavy machine guns, tanks and mortars all take part in the battles over varying terrain.  The soldiers react according to a complex AI model in which morale is a crucial factor. 

You can download a demo version of Close Combat and its two sequels from Microsoft's Official Close Combat Page.

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Quake enhanced the Doom experience in many ways.  The enemies and environment had a more 3D appearance, and your character can jump, crouch and swim.  An atmosphere of total evel remains in the extrdimesnional dominion you explore, and of course groovy new weapons like a nailgun and grenade launcher give you more strategic ways to blow the hellspawn to bits. 

You can download the original Quake from id Software's official Quake site.

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Quake 2Quake monster
Quake screen
Not so much a sequel as a new generation of first-person shooters, in Quake 2 you once again become a space marine on a last-ditch mission to a planet of cyborgs to halt their invasion of Earth.  Besides superb graphics and atmosphere (your headset crackles with your side's radio transmissions), Quake 2 provides unique mission-style play. Rather than simply cleaning out monsters and finding the exit, you may have to return to areas several times to accomplish numerous tasks.

You can download the first mission at the Official Quake 2 Page.

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Duke Nukem 3D

After several years of the popularity of 3D first-person shooter games, folks began to raise objections to the level of violence they depicted. Seemingly as a response to this criticism, along came a game that made humorous efforts to be as incorrect as possible. Boasting a plot ripped from countless Z-grade movies, Duke Nukem 3d featured the eponymous, narcissistic hero single-handedly bent on foiling an alien plot to enslave Earth's women. An aresenal of mega-death weapons aids Duke in his quest, including one that shrinks the baddies to spider size for stomping with his heavy boots. During gameplay, the player is treated to Duke's commentary, including many lines from the Evil Dead trilogy.

You can still download the shareware version from many sites, including this one. 

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Duke Nukem 3D Screen

More to come!

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