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As you may know from my résumé, I am a freelance writer and editor. Here are links to some of my work that can be found on the Web. Some originally appeared in print publications; others as online content. If you're interested in my services as a free lance writer, by all means contact me.

I am now a staff writer with Destroy All Monsters, and Asian-American pop culture site. In addition to various posting in the forums, I've contributed the following features:

anime abandonware article My article on anime abandonware

Review of Bio-Zombie

A short interview with Suzi Suzuki

Review of Jet Li's The Enforcer

A short interview with Mia Crowe

Review of Ah! My Goddess! The Movie

Book reviews appearing in BookPage:

Lummox, February 2002    

Interview with Tom Cross, December 2001

The Last Canyon, October 2001   The Hill, October 2001
The Last Face You'll Ever See, September 2001   E-book: Valentino, Icon of Romance, September 2001
Carter Beats the Devil, September 2001   The Secret Life of Dust, August 2001
Word Freak: Heartbreak, Triumph, Genius, and Obsession in the World of Competitive Scrabble, July 2001   Another Shot, June 2001
E-book: American Quartet, June 2001   Far Appalachia/Noah Adams interview, May 2001
E-book: A Little Lower Than Angels, April 2001   Facing the Wind, April 2001
Snow Mountain Passage, April 2001   Lick Creek, March 2001
A Primate's Memoir, March 2001   E-book: Mozart's Wife, February 2001
E-book: Twelve Shades of Crimson, February 2001   Below Another Sky, January 2001
E-book: Gabriela's Voice, December 2000   E-book: Paradise Square, November 2000
E-book: Music at the Garden House, October 2000   Halloween book roundup, October 2000
Jayber Crow, September 2000   Sunnyvale, July 2000
Jim the Boy, June 2000   Big City Eyes, May 2000
The World Today, January 2000    
Knockdown, September 1999   California Fire and Life, July 1999
The Way of Aikido, May 1999

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I'm also a content provider for TechRepublic:

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