Me at ITEC

More pix of me

This photo was taken at the 1998 Louisville Information Technology Exhibition & Conference with a digital camera.
WebCam image 1

WebCam images

WebCam image 2
These pictures were taken in March 99 using my new WebCam! 

Me outside work

Me in overcoat
This picture was taken in October 1998 in a little park adjacent to my place of employ.
Me sitting on my car

Me on my car

This picture was taken in October 1998.  I'm sitting on the hood of my car wearing my leather jacket. Notice the short, short haircut.

Me by an Airplane

Me and a Cessna 172
This picture was taken in 1996, before my first time up in a Cessna 172 at Bowman Field in Louisville, KY.
Mirror shades

An older pic

This picture was taken about 1996, when I was working at The Cobb Group in Louisville, KY.

And now, a photo of my dog

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