Internet Movie Database Two movie database sites.
The Oscars®
Movie Critic Suggests movies you might like based on your ratings of others.
The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon online!
Crouching Tiger logo
American Cinematographer Magazine's 
articles on Titanic
The Truman Show
Star Wars Trilogy: Official Website
Logan's Run This movie came out only one year before Star Wars...
Star Trek Continuum (Official Paramount Site)
Star Trek in Sound and Vision
Los Angeles, 2019: a Blade Runner site
Off-World: a Blade Runner site
The Godfather
The Full Monty
The Truth About Cats & Dogs
Jenolen's The Truth About Cats & Dogs Page
Janeane Garofalo Worship Page
Bruce Campbell
Official Austin Powers Page Groovy, baby!
Chasing Amy Official Site
Films of Kevin Smith
The Quick Stop: Kevin Smith Movies
Hong Kong Cinema
John Woo biography at Yahoo! Movies
John Woo's Hong Kong Films!
Chungking Express
Bruce Lee at Yahoo! Movies
The Jackie Chan Internet Fan Club
Dedicated to the worst movies on Earth
Bad Horror Films
Stomp Tokyo
Stomp Tokyo's Bad Movie Report
And You Call Yourself A Scientist!
The Movie Sounds Page
Drew's Script-O-Rama
Aint It Cool News The unofficial scoop on Hollywood.
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TV & Music


The Simpsons Official Site
King of the Hill Official Site
Babylon 5 Official Site
The Adventures of Pete & Pete Web site
The Seinfeld Index Page
Advertising Age's 50 best TV commercials
Tribute to Tex Avery Animator Extraordinaire; Creator of Porky Pig
The Casual Otaku's Ultra Man page
Ultra Man FAQ
Speed Racer
Ask Dr. Science

Xena: Warrior Princess 

Whoosh! One of my guilty pleasures.
Michelle's Xena Picture Library
Tom's Xena Page


Bruce Springsteen  The Boss. 'Nuff said.
The Official Smithereens Fan Club Site
Dave's Smithereens Page
Squeeze Official Web site
The New Duncan Imperials
Beatnik Beat: The Go-Go's Fanzine
Shonen Knife Home Page
Faye Wong Fan Page
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Cool Stuff

Cool Site of the Day  
University of Louisville My alma mater
Saturn Motors
The '80s
National Public Radio
The Utne Reader
"Yo Quiero Taco Bell!" Talking Chihuahua
Tabasco Sauce Home Page Talk about "hot" links...
Chex Party Mix
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish
The Internet Barbecue Site
Frankfort Ave. Business Association Learn about shops & restaurants in my old stomping grounds.
ACE Whitewater Rafting/West Virginia
The Official Netrunner Main Page
Twists, Slugs and Roscoes: 
A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang
Crimeboss: Pulp Fiction Cover Art
H.P. Lovecraft Archive
The Necronomicon
Love And Rockets
NavSource Photo Archives  
Ships of State: The Great Atlantic Liners
RMS Titanic Destination ... Cyberspace
National Geographic's Return to Midway

The Kentucky Center for the Arts
Phil Laemmle's Home Page
House Atreides (Dodd Harris)
Trish's Page
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My own anime page Anime is the Japanese word for animation and is the term used to describe animated movies and television programs from that country. Anime is a very popular form of entertainment in Japan and has been growing in popularity elsewhere. Several anime series have even found their way onto American television. 
Anime at Berkeley
Anime Web Turnpike
Anime Information Centre
Anime Web Guide
David Gaxiola's Anime Resources
Theodore Hua's Anime Site
Kimagure Orange Road Shrine
Ryke's Oh! My Goddess Page
The Goddess Project
The Project A-ko Place
Bubblegum Crisis
Megumi Hayashibara
Golgo 13

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Software & Media

New Horizons Computer 
Learning Center Louisville
A former employer
Apple Computer 
Digital Equipment Corporation
NewTek Makers of the Video Toaster
ICQ Internet Online Communication Network
Tile Net A Web server for USENET newsgroups, mailing lists & FTP sites
Pinky & the Brain learn C++
Engineering Animation Inc.
Abacus Computer Books & Software
Interactive Magic
Enlight Software
Tomb Raider Home Page Lara Croft rules!
The Tomb Raider Archive
Official VGA Planets page 
The Rogue Home Page An excellent early computer game.
Titanic: Adventure Out of Time (game)
Modern Television Two cool QuickTime movie sites.
Video Links
Wallpapers & Desktop Themes
The Daily .WAV A new sound file every day, plus an extensive archive.
The Movie Sounds Page
Webcorp Multimedia
Ing's AV and Gesture Links
VPChat Avatars
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Web Stuff

ArtSite My friend O'Bryan runs this site.
Jersey Home Girl Graphics
The Electronic Frontier Foundation
AltaVista's BabelFish 
Translation Service
Translates phrases into other languages. The results are usually a riot!
TravelWeb Find the cheapest airline fare!
Library of Congress Online
U.S. Naval Observatory Time Services The official time of the United States
Gopher listing of Telnet sites
Sports Fine & Suspension Ticker Learn which of your favorite sports stars are in trouble...
World Population Counter
Street Tech
World Map of Live WWW Cameras
Bourbon Street Live Cam
Rockefeller Center Live Cam
Antartica Live Cam
Air & Space QuickTime VR Site
Tour Seattle in QuickTime VR
NASA Images
Welcome to RealAudio! RealAudio lets computers with sound cards carry real-time audio broadcasts over the Internet. For example, users can tune in to live sporting events and radio stations all over the world, or hear recorded voices from history. 
Real Radio Homepage (Formerly known as AudioNet)
The Motley Fool: Finance and Folly
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Flight Simulation and Aviation Links Page

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Search Engines

Alta Vista Search Engine If you haven't found a link that interests you, simply jump to one of these search engines and look for the subject of your choice!
HotBot Search Engine
Yahoo Search Engine
Lycos Search Engine
WebCrawler Search Engine
Netscape Internet Search Page
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