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This page is devoted to some of my favorite PlayStation games.
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Metal Gear Solid

One of my all-time favorites. Actually the third installment in a notweorthy trilogy of "tactical espionage action" games by the visionary designer Hideo Kojima, MGS emphasizes stealth rather than brute force. The player takes the role of Solid Snake, a disillusioned agent forced out of retirement to confront a group of terrorists who've seized a nuclear weapon. Of course, the hero eventually must confront the game's eponymous nemesis, a gigantic walking robot/tank. Along the way, Snake discovers the story behind the latest incarnation of Metal Gear in a series of dramatc computer-animated cut scenes that involve the player even more deeply in the game.  The gameplay, while rewarding stealth, allows for a number of action-packed fights against a series of bosses. Truly fun and a candidate for nearly endless replays, Metal Gear Solid is now the subject of a much-awaited sequel.

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Resident Evil

Welcome to the world of survival horror!  I'm a big fan of zombie movies, as you can tell from my horror movie page. I actually played this game first in its PC version. In this PlayStation favorite (known in Japan as Biohazard), you play one of two characters trapped in a enormous mansion where a biological experiemnt gone awry has transformed the staff into ravenous flesh-eating zombies.  You must search not only for the exit but also stocks of ammunition, as defending yourself from the loathsome creatures forces your supply ever lower.  A genuinely creepy experience enhanced by music worthy of a horror fim soundtrack, and bad voice acting worthy of the cheesiest of B horror films. 

Ridge Racer Type 4

R4 isn't the most realistic driving simulator going; I'd give the Gran Turismo series the nod for that. But in terms of an arcade racing game that's sheer fun to play, it's hard to beat Ridge Racer. The action is fast and furious, the graphics are impressive (despite small glitches like your oppnents' taillights being visible behind other objects), and multiple levels of difficulty keep the replay factor strong. By winning races in different combinations, the player can unlock different cars which are then accessible for the two-player game. The choice between two steering modes allows for different cornering strategies. The in-game music is also a pleasing mix of funk, techno, and rock.

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More to come!

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