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Changes since 1/1/99

11 August 2002

Updates to my Web log have been frequent, but little has been done here. One exception: Today changed the date of The Exorcist on my horror movie page from 1979 to 1973. Many thanks to Krystal Rycroft for point out the error.

18 April 2002

My Web log debuts. Changes to the Web log, though hopefully more frequent, will not be listed here.

16 April 2002

Minor tweaks to my Anime page.

12 April 2002

New movie review on my published work page (or jump to it here).

11 April 2002

Added a couple of new links.
Added new material to my published work page.

29 October 2001-11 April 2002

Nothing: A new record

29 October, 2001

Added new material to my published work page.

26 October, 2001

Added several movies to my horror movie page, including a new entry in the top 10 (Dead Alive replaces Nosferatu).

9 February, 2001-26 October 2001


9 February, 2001

Added a JavaScript for date and time display to my home page.
Added more publications to my published work page

12 January, 2001

Added my first movie review: Galaxy Quest!
Removed the "Happy New Year" Banner until next year.

8 January, 2001

Made some long overdue fixes to my links page.

3 January, 2001

Added my latest book review to my published work page.
Added a downloadable PDF version of my résumé.

2 January, 2001

Replaced the Xmas decorations on my home page with a New Year's greeting.

29 December, 2000

Fixed some broken links on my PlayStation Games page.

27 December, 2000

Updated the online version of my résumé.
Made slight changes to the Flash animation on my welcome page.

22 December, 2000

Added a page with links to my published work.
Added a rollover button to my index page.
General content updating and tweaking.

20 December, 2000

Added a PlayStation Games page as a companion to my Computer Games page.
Added a Home link to the banner on my home page.

14 December, 2000

Made minor design tweaks to several pages.

7 December, 2000

Added a page about Asian action star Michelle Yeoh.
Added a Flash animation to my welcome page.

3 December, 2000

Put up Xmas decorations on my home page.

3 December, 2000

Work continues on Version 3.0 using Macromedia Dreamweaver.
Home page is now three frames instead of two.

11 August, 2000

Work begins on Version 3.0.

13 March-11 August, 2000

No changes for an extended period, sorry.

13 March, 2000

Removed Mardi Gras banner from my welcome page.

6 March, 2000

Added a Mardi Gras banner to my welcome page.

23 February, 2000

Finally removed the Xmas decorations from my home page.

10 Dec 99-23 February 2000

No changes, but planning extensive modifications.

10 Dec 99

Added Xmas decorations to my home page.
Updated my friend Ayako's picture on my Internet
friends page.

31 Oct 99

Bride of Frankenstein replaces Dracula on my Top 10 horror movie list; The Blair Witch Project and several others added to the Honorable Mention list.

28 Oct 99

Added The Sixth Sense to my horror movie page.

14 Oct 99

Added a few more movies to my horror movie page.

20 Sept 99

Added my friend Tracy to my Internet friends page.

30 June 99-20 Sept 99

No changes for a long while, sorry.

30 June 99

Began tweaking my Web graphics page.

25 June 99

Added a small page about Catherine Zeta-Jones.

10 June 99

Added a MIDI version of the Brisco County theme to my Brisco County, Jr. page.

22 Mar 99-10 June 99

No changes for a long while, sorry.

22 Mar 99

Added Bride of Chucky to my horror movie honorable mention list.

9 Mar 99

Added some WebCam pix to my photo page.

3 Mar 99

Added my friend Sandy to my Internet friends page.

2 Mar 99

Added another recipent of my award.

17 Feb 99

Made an addition to my games page.
Tweaked my
favorites list again.

12 Feb 99

Cleaned out all usages of "click here" in my links.

10 Feb 99

Made several additions to my games page.

9 Feb 99

Added some 3D text to several pages, including this one.
Added a page about
The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

8 Feb 99

Added another recipent of my award.
Added a page about my new
baby sister.

6 Feb 99

Received a new award.

5 Feb 99

Changed the music on Sunny's page.
Added songs to my
MIDI page.

3 Feb 99

Added a page devoted to my Internet friends.
Added a picture gallery of my friend

27 Jan 99

Changed list of favorites again.

26 Jan 99

Received a new award.

21 Jan 99

Fixed a pesky JavaScript problem on my index page. Now the window status statements disappear when you take the mouse off the various buttons.

20 Jan 99

Changed list of favorites again, adding a new category: favorite artist (Edward Hopper)
Added another recipent of my
Made a few miscellaneous tweaks.

15 Jan 99

Added my new banner to the top of my home page.

The Gregory Harris Experience Link Banner
Please use this banner to link to me!
Banner created by the lovely and talented Jersey Home Girl

11 Jan 99

Changed list of favorites again.

7 Jan 99

Started keeping a list of changes to my Web site.
Added button to this list on the index pages.
Made changes to my
favorites again.
Removed New Year's grafix from the index pages.
Added weather banners to the index pages.

5 Jan 99

Changed parts of my list of favorites.
Added button to my

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