John Perry Barlow

I've never met, or spoken with, Mr. John Perry Barlow,
But he has had a tremendous effect on my life.
Therefore I have dedicated this special area to him.
If you do take the time to read all that is in these pages,
you will understand why he is special to all of us
in this large cyber-universe, that I now call 'home.'
(Last update: July 14, 2006)

Preserve Freedom

The following list of music by Mr. Barlow was culled entirely from, and all links are to;
David Dodd's Grateful Dead Annotated Lyrics web site.
If you know of any music not listed here, or corrections, please e-mail me.
John has 'finally' posted his lyrics on the web, at [-link fixed 7/14/06-]

  1. A Little Light (with Mydland)
  2. Black-Throated Wind
  3. Blown Away (with Mydland)
  4. Bye and Bye (with Weir)
  5. Cassidy
  6. Easy To Love You (with Mydland)
  7. Estimated Prophet (with Weir)
  8. Feel Like A Stranger (with Weir)
  9. Finance Blues
  10. Gentlemen, Start Your Engines (with Mydland)
  11. Heaven Help the Fool (with Weir)
  12. Hell in a Bucket (with Weir)
  13. Home to Dixie (with Kelly/Cutler/Weir)
  14. I Need A Miracle (with Weir)
  15. (I Want To) Fly Away (with Weir)
  16. I Will Take You Home (With Mydland)
  17. Lazy Lightnin'
  18. Let It Grow (Weather Report II)Let It Grow (Weather Report II) (with Weir)
  19. Looks Like Rain
  20. Lost Sailor (with Weir)
  21. Me Without You (with Johnson)
  22. Mexicali Blues
  23. Money, Money (with Weir)
  24. My Brother Esau (with Weir)
  25. Picasso Moon (with Weir/Bralove)
  26. Saint of Circumstance (with Weir)
  27. Supplication (with Weir)
  28. The Music Never Stopped
  29. Throwing Stones (with Weir)
  30. Walk in the Sunshine
  31. We Can Run But We Can't Hide (with Mydland)

    Non-Grateful Dead Songs

  32. Falling
  33. Gloria Monday
  34. Fly Away
  35. Me, Without You
  36. Bombs Away
  37. Salt Lake City
  38. Shade of Gray
  39. This Time Forever
  40. Wrong Way Feelin'

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