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 Line WHO I AM Line 

I am 64, (8/4/10), happily married, now retired, had last owned "Hip Computers," a small shop, in Key West, Florida. Where I resided for 13 years, and now live in the south-central Pennsylvania mountains.

My undergraduate education was in Zoology and Chemistry, and I attended The University of Louisville School of Dentistry, from which I dropped out, after two years, in good standing.  (At that time my 6 year old son, whose time with me was being cut by my need to study, needed his father, as I needed him... more than the world needed another doctor.)

An Over-educated-progressive-liberal-tree-hugging-music-loving-deadhead-ex-suburbanite-baby-boomer-hippie.  I have never stopped learning.  Through the internet/web, the greatest library in history, (which I've be on since 1972, [it wasn't called the Internet back then,]) I've gained a great deal of knowledge concerning the disaster of "globalization," and its impact on socio-economic environments, as well as the physical environment.

The more I learn, and I have always considered myself "informed & active" on these issues, the more I am amazed, if not shocked, at learning things - every day - that I simply didn't have a clue about.  Nor most people it turns out, if my emails are any indication.

I am angry at my nation's citizens for their allowing of the crimes and destructions by the very-very-few - and scared that they are going to allow the very-very-few to get away with their crimes after all.  Aren't you?"


I have been getting responses from people, just as "blown away" by finding well researched proof of this almost science fiction like horror happening all around us, without knowing it was really happening - - - at the level it IS happening globally.

I think people are finally beginning to realize how far this has reached into all of our lives.  We have two tools - the web, and voting,  As long as they may be allowed to last.  Please - Check things out for yourself on the web - If you are reading this - you have the access.  And - PLEASE vote.  And please demand that your vote have a verifiable paper trail, or the corruption of our national elections is only going to be "allowed" to get worse.


A willingness to not fall into denial - These are not easy facts to absorb, for any American.  A courage to face these facts - The truths, and the lies that hide these truths, are both hard.  An understanding that the complexities, some of which are there by design, can be understood. Willingness, courage, and understanding are needed to spread the truth, to speak out.

Do not rely on others, do the research yourself.  This net/web you are using is a powerful tool. Use it wisely to prove to yourself the facts.  Learn to use search engines and it becomes easy.  google.com, yahoo.com, search.com, Ask.com, are very good search engines to start with.  Learn to use keywords, like - Environment, politics, news, democracy, liberty, freedom, etc. . .  But also use keywords like chemical, truefood, hydrogenated oils, debate, green, pollution, water, WTO, drug war, activist, globalization, World Bank, genetically modified, boycott, media, corporate media, corporatist, or even use phrases like Scientific American +Planet Warming, follow the links, and don't be afraid to do a little, or a lot, of reading.

But most of all, never give up hunting for the "truth."  Apathy and "allowing" are their greatest weapons/tools.  Don't doubt the power of the manipulation of apathy and "allowing."  To do so, is beyond utter folly.

Do not believe me - Read-Discover-Learn - The facts for yourself.


Start with my site, and blog, particularly the "Truth", and/or "Eyes On", and /or "Action" sections.  They have many very good links that will get you to sites that have better links.  Also don't skip the "Editorial Toons" section, a lot of serious news is said in jest.  If you find anything that you did not know, then most likely your family members and close friends do not know it either.  But before "you spread the word," first verify the facts, double check the sources, then if what you find proves to be true, then tell your family and friends, pester them to check it out for themselves.  Have the guts to love your family and friends enough to do anything, face any denial with conviction and knowledge, do not be tuned out by fear, do not suffer ignorance, do not suffer lies, do not be afraid to be angry.

 Line NOW WHAT? Line 

VOTE!  Without this weapon being used - Our other weapons lose their effectiveness.  Do not stop your own research.  Never believe that there is no hope.  People are with you.  Start an email list of like-minded friends, co-workers, family.  Learn correct email procedures for running an email list.  If you need help with this, then by all means, ask me.

My days usually start with the corporate media - CNN, ABC, FOX, MSNBC, then connect to Democracy Now! and watch their one hour broadcast, then surf over to Huffington Post, OneWorld.Net, AlterNet, CommonDreams, TomPaine, Truthout, WorkingForChange, IndyMedia.org, CorpWatch, and The Project for the Old American Century, then check in with Jim Hightower, and The Daily Show, and the "Editorial Cartoons," and I never let a week go by without checking in at Counter Spin, ZNet, the Union of Concerned Scientists, or The Crisis Papers, and think about the differences between the newscasts, and sources, and try to determine why so much that is so vital to know, was not mentioned in the corporate media, or "twisted" by the way they presented it.  You will also come to hard-to-accept conclusions, as most of us are now.  I no longer allow ignorance of the facts in those around me.  If I lose friends because of their blinders, fears, denial, immaturity, then they lose me.  I will no longer "let it slide."  Don't you either.

If you know the truth, then defend the truth - with passion.



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