Monterey Media, Inc.,
asked me to review their new DVD

Note: I'm a deadhead, I'm not a professional reviewer,
I'm not compensatated in any way for this review,
outside of the DVD itself.

The Review Of "VIEW from the VAULT II"

View from the Vault II

I have to first admit my joy at getting this particular show.  I was not able to attend this show, and this was during the period in the band's history when it was amazing.  Amazing in how far the band had progressed sound-wise, and amazing because we all, the band, and us, the Deadheads, were still in the afterglow, and weirdness, of a "top-Ten" hit with "Touch of Grey." Jerry was free from his demon and healthy, and it showed in his voice and playing, Vince and Bruce were settling in after the tragic loss of Brent, and Phil, Billy, Mickey, and Bobby were smiling a lot, on and off the stage.  But most of all, it was an amazing time for me, as the shows I had seen on this tour, before this show at RFK, were a joy to be at, music-wise, and family-wise - It was a happy time.

This DVD, "View from the Vault II" is the entire June 14, 1991 concert at the RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C. - It is the 29th full-unedited-concert the GDP has released, and it ranks up there with my previous favorite Dead DVD, "Downhill From Here," also put out by Monterey Media, and as the title implies, it is the 2nd in what I hope is a continuing series of "View from the Vault" DVDs.

Unlike many Deadheads, I never got into taping or tapes, as I much preferred "being there," and the tapes left me a bit, for lack of better words, lonely.  I began collecting the Dead's DVDs as soon as they were released, and now own almost their entire collection. These DVDs give me a true feeling of "being there."  This "View from the Vault" also succeeds in putting one at the show, and "on-the-stage" with the band.

Running time is 3-3/4 hours, and technically speaking, it is excellent. The sound is perfect, as one would expect with a DVD, but the new at that time sound system, really put the sound out crystal clear, which makes this DVD even more of a must have. The extras that should be on a mucic DVD are there, visual lyrics, venue information, band bio, and since they had the space, extra footage from some of the previous year's show at RFK, and as a special extra, the music video "Liberty" which was directed by Justin Kreutzmann.

Monterey Media also went the extra mile and included some of the new, new at that time, digital monitor's trippy images and animations that were going on during the concert.

Main Concert - June 14, 1991 - RFK Stadium - Washington, D.C.
     First Set                 Second Set
1. Cold Rain and Snow             1. Help On The Way >>
2. Wang Dang Doodle             2. Slipknot >>
3. Jack-A-Row             3. Franklin's Tower
4. Big River >>             4. Estimated Prophet >>
5. Maggie's Farm             5. Dark Star >>
6. Row Jimmy             6. Drums >> Space >>
7. Black-Throated Wind             7. Stella Blue >>
8. Tennessee Jed             8. Turn On Your Lovelight
9. The Music Never Stopped             9. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

Bonus Footage - July 12, 1990 - RFK Stadium - Washington, D.C.
1. Box Of Rain >>                               2. Victim Or The Crime >>
3. Foolish Heart >>                               4. Dark Star

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