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April 6, 2010



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   ***********Biographys/Stories/Legends**********                                       AUTHOR           PRICE   


   Artist & the Storyteller (Goingback & Mary Chiltoskey) pb54pgs                        Galloway             6.00

   AUNT MARY-TELL ME A STORY(CHEROKEE. LEGENDS & TALES)pb82pg                            Chiltoskey           6.00

   Between Indian & White Worlds, The Cultural Broker  pb 365pgs fni                     Szasz               19.95

   Cherokee Editor - The Writings of Elias Boudinot pb 243 pgs fni                       Perdue, Thed...     24.00

   CHEROKEE LEGENDS / TRAIL OF TEARS                                                     Underwood;il...      6.00

   Chinnubbie and the Owl - Muscogee(Creek) stories, Orations & Oral Traditions hb 1...  Posey               21.95

   Crazy Horse - The Life behind the Legend pb 365 pgs fni                               Sajna               19.95

   Creek Warrior for the Confederacy (A) pb 181 pgs                                      Ch.Grayson e...     19.95

   Geronimo - My Life as told to S. M. Barrett.. pb 128 pgs                              Geronimo att...      8.95

   Indian Why Stories                                                                    Linderman            5.95

   Last Comanche Chief, The Life & Times of Quanah Parker pb 276 pgs fni                 Neeley              19.95

   Legends of the Iroquois pb 111pgs                                                     Tehanettorens        9.95

   Life of Black Hawk(The)                                                               Black Hawk           7.00

   Long-Ago Stories of the Eastern Cherokee pb 128 pgs                                   Arneach             14.99

   Myths of the Iroquois pb87pgs                                                         Smith; E.A.          7.00

   Native American Myths by Lewis Spence pb 140 pgs                                      Spence               3.50

   Notable American Indians - Indiana & Adjacent States pb 231 pgs fni                   McPherson & ...     20.00

   Now That the Buffalo's Gone ; a study of today's Am. Indians pb 300 pgs               Josephy; Alv...     18.95

   Santana War Chief                                                                                         14.95

   Seneca Indian Myths pb 516 pb                                                         Curtin              16.95

   Shadow Catcher - The Life and Work of Edward S. Curtis pb 132 pgs index               Lawlor, Laurie      18.95

   Spider Woman Stories - Legends of the Hopi Indians pb 142 pgs                         Mullett             14.95

   Story of the Cherokee People, The pb 48 pgs                                           Underwood;Tom        6.50

   They Came Before Columbus The African Presence in Ancient America pb 284 pgs fni      Van Sertima         15.95

   Trail of Tears,(The) -The story of the American Indian Removals 1813-1855..356 pg...  Jahoda              10.00

   Turtle Lung Woman's Granddaughter pb 242 pgs by Delphine Red Shirt                    Delphine Red...     14.95

   Will Rogers Says ...cloth 86 pgs..The man who inspired a nation.                      Ed. Collins,...     11.95

   *********Children's Titles - Coloring Books(CB), Paper Dolls(PD)***********                                0.00

   Baby Rattlesnake pb 30pgs Illus.                                                      told by Te A...      7.95

   Bringer of the Mystery Dog pb 44 pgs illus                                            Clark illus ...      6.95

   Dragonfly's Tale pb 32 pgs illus Zuni                                                                      6.95

   Dream Wolf pb color illus. ages 5-8                                                   Paul Goble           6.99

   Drumbeat ... Heartbeat - A celebration of the Powwow pb47pgs                          Braine               6.95

   Favorite North American Indian Legends pb 90pgs                                       Philip Smith...      2.00

   First Strawberries(The) - a Cherokee story                                            Bruchac              6.98

   Fun with Desert Animals Stencils                                                      Kennedy              1.50

   Fun with Native American Masks Stencils                                               Noble                1.50

   Fun with Northwest Indian Stencils                                                    Kennedy              1.50

   Fun with Plains Indian Stencils                                                       Kennedy              1.50

   Fun with Southwest Indian Stencils                                                    Kennedy              1.50

   Fun with Swampland Animals Stencils                                                   Kennedy              1.00

   Girl Who Loved Wild Horses(The) pb                                                    Paul Goble           6.98

   Great Native Americans coloring book                                                  Copeland             2.95

   This House if Made of Mud - Esta casa esta' hecha de lodo pb Spanish/English full...  Buchanan ill...      7.95

   How Chipmunk Got His Stripes pb ages 5-8                                              Bruchac, J & J       6.99

   INDIAN DESIGNS STAINED Glass CB small                                                 Green                1.50

   Indian Tribes of North America  CB                                                    Copeland             3.95

   Indiana Indians CB (Educational Coloring Book)                                        McPherson il...      4.00

   Learning About Forest Animals with 12 Full Color Stickers                             Sovak                1.50

   Learning About Turtles pb 12 pgs stickers                                             Sovak                1.50

   Legend of the White Buffalo Woman (The)pb                                             Goble                7.95

   Life in an Anishinabe Camp pb 32 pgs color illus                                      Walker               8.95

   Life in the Far North pb 32 pgs color illus                                           Kalman               8.95

   Life in Ancient Mexico CB pb 48 pg                                                    Green, John          3.95

   Life in a Longhouse Village pb 32 pgs illus color                                     Kalman               8.95

   Life in a Plains Camp pb 32 pgs Illus                                                 Kalman               8.95

   Listen & Color - Native American Legends Illus John Green 40 pg coloring book + 6...                       6.95

   Little Northwest Indian Girl Paper Doll                                               Allert               1.50

   Native American Games and Stories pb 82                                               James & Jose...     12.95

   Native American Masks CB pb 30 pgs                                                    Gaspas               3.95

   Native American Mazes by Winky Adam                                                   Adam                 1.50

   Native American Tales and Legends pb 172 pgs                                          Macfarlan ed.        3.50

   Nations of the (series) Western Great Lakes, Plains, Eastern Great Lakes, Northwe...  Kalman               8.95

   Native American Princess Sticker Paper Doll                                           Green, Yuko          1.50

   Kids Can Do it - Native Crafts pb 40 pgs                                              Trottier             6.95

   Native Homes pb illus color 32 pgs 15 different Am. Indian dwelling systems           Kalman               8.95

   NORTH AMERICAN INDIAN DESIGN CB                                                       Kennedy              3.95

   North American Indian Designs Stained Glass CB                                        John Green           5.95

   North American Indian Tales pb 90pg                                                   Larned               2.00

   North American Indian Activity Book pb 63 pgs                                         Adam, Winky          1.50

   Northeastern Indian Girl Sticker Paper Doll                                           Allert               1.50

   Northwest Coast Indians CB                                                            Rickman              3.95

   Northwest Coast Indian Designs - stained glass CB 16 pgs                              A. G. Smith          5.95

   NORTHWEST INDIAN  STENCILS                                                            Kennedy              1.50

   PLAINS INDIAN CB - Rickman                                                            Rickman              3.95

   Please Don't Step on Me pb21pg ill.                                                   Elly-Kree Ge...      5.00

   Porcupine Year, The HB 193 pgs                                                        Erdich              15.99

   Southeast Indians Coloring Book                                                       Copeland             3.95

   Sequoyah - The Cherokee man who gave his people writing (English & Cherokee) HB i...  Rumford             16.00

   Shingebiss - an Ojibwe Legend pb woodcuts by Betsy Bowen                              Van Laan, Nancy      6.95

   Southwest Indian Designs CB  pb 30 pgs                                                Gaspas               3.95

   Southwest Indians Coloring Book                                                       Copeland             3.95

   Southwestern Indian Girl Sticker Paper Dolls                                          Allert               1.50

   Southwest Indians Stained Glass CB small                                              R.G.Smith            1.50

   Southwest Indian Design Stained Glass CB large                                        Krez                 5.95

   Southwest Indian Stencils                                                              -                   1.50

   Tag Against Time pb 189 pgs ..Best Books for Young Adults 1994                        Vick                 9.95

   Unbreakable Code, The HB -  illustrated - Includes code for letters and common ph...  Hunter ill. ...     15.95

   Voices from the Ice pb 51 pgs                                                         Peyton               9.95

   Walker's Journey Home pb182 pgs..Best books for Teens List 1996                       Vick                 9.95

   White Bead Ceremony - Mary Greyfeather Gets Her Native American Name                  Watkins              9.95

   Wigwams, Longhouses and Other Native American Dwellings CB                            LaFontaine           3.95

   Woodlands Indians CB                                                                  Copeland             3.95

   **********Books on Crafts & HowTo for projects**********                                                   0.00

   American Indian Beadwork pb 63 pgs 54 b&w photos of beadwork 132 patterns             Hunt & Bursh...     14.00

   American Indian Needlepoint Designs - for pillows, belts, handbags and other proj...  Epstein              3.00

   Art of Flint Knapping (The) pb 80 pgs 5th ed.                                         Waldorf             17.50

   Authentic American Indian Beadwork & How to Do It pb48pgs                             Pamela Stanl...      5.00

   BEADWORK COMPANION(A)                                                                 Heinbuck            10.95

   BEADWORKING WITH TODAY'S MATERIALS pb 30pgs                                           Woerpel (Noc...      5.95

   Big Book of Indian Beadwork Designs 80pgs                                             Bennett              7.95

   Cherokee Basketry - From the Hands of our Elders pb 160 pgs                           Fariello            12.99

   Complete Book of Gourd Craft; The  pb 139 pgs                                         Summit & Widess     18.95

   Complete Guide to Traditional Native American Beadwork, The  pb 108 pgs               Monture             16.95

   Costumes of the Plains Indians..Anthropological Papers of American Museum of Natu...  Wissler             19.95

   Finger Weaving Indian Braiding pb 48 pgs                                              Turner               5.50

   How to Make Drums, Tomtoms & Rattles - Primitive Percussion Instruments for Moder...  Mason                8.95

   How to Tan Skins the Indian Way pb 52 pgs Revised and Expanded Edition                Gibby                6.95

   INDIAN CLOTHING OF THE GREAT LAKES: 1740-1840 pb 146 pgs rev ed                       Sheryl Hartm...     14.95

   Indian Basket Weaving- with 114 illustrations pb104pgs                                 Navajo Scho...      9.95

   Indian Basketry by James pb 271 pgs                                                   James, Georg...     13.95

   Indian Designs (for use as quilt patterns, needle point,etc.) PB 48 pgs               Villasenor           9.95

   Indian Handcrafts pb135 pgs illus index                                               C. Keith Wil...     16.95

   Iroquois Crafts pb 101 pgs - 20 pages of designs..Reprint from BIA 1945               Lyford, C. A.        9.00

   Manual of Fingerweaving, A  pb 56 pgs                                                 Robert Austin       18.00

   Native American Beadwork pb 168pgs                                                    Orchard              9.95

   Native American Crafts & Skills (An Illus guide) pb 215 pgs(2d Edition)               David Montgo...     14.95

   North American Indian Beadwork Patterns                                               Stanley-Millner      5.95

   North American Indian Beadwork Designs pb 31 pgs                                      Clark Wissler        3.50

   OLDE BEAD MONGER'S TRADE BEAD SKETCHBOOK (The)                                        Byrd(s) & Poole      7.95

   19th Century Plains Indian Dresses pb 98 pgs                                          Jennys, Susan       24.95

   Pow-Wow Dancer's and Craftworker's Handbook pb 144pgs                                 Adolf Hunnnn...     19.95

   Pre-Columbian Design CD-ROM/Book image archive 127 pgs + CD clip art..153 hi res ...  Weller              39.95

   Pre-columbian Mexican Designs CD-ROM & Book 366 designs in color                                          22.95

   Primer(A); the Art of Native American Beadwork pb43+pgs                               Z. Susanne A...      7.95

   QUILLWORK COMPANION;(A)                                                               Heinbuch            14.95

   Survival Handbook, Official U.S. Army Guide pb 284 pgs FM21-76                        Dept. of the...      9.95

   Southwest Indian Designs CD-ROM and Book 46 pgs of copyfree designs                   Szontagh            14.95

   Tipi (The) Traditional Native American Shelter pb 222 pgs index                       Hungrywolf          17.95

   Tipis]Tepees]Teepees - History & Design of the Cloth Tipi pb 240 pgs index            Holley              16.95

   Traditional Indian Bead & Leather Crafts pb 98 pgs illus.                             Smith & VanS...     12.95

   TRADITIONAL INDIAN CRAFTS pb 95 pgs                                                   Smith               12.95

   Traditional Clothing of the Native Americans pb 166pgs                                Evard H. Gibby      17.95

   **************Cooking - Healing - Herbal - Ceremony*************                                           0.00

   365 Days of Walking the Red Road - The Native American Path to Leading a Spiritua...  Jean                10.95

   AMERICAN INDIAN COOKING & HERB LORE pb 32pgs                                          Sharpe & Und...      5.00

   AMERICAN INDIAN PRAYERS & POETRY                                                      Sharpe               5.00

   Art of American Indian Cooking pb 207 pgs                                             Kimball & An...     14.95

   Art of Shapeshifting, The - pb 314 pgs                                                Andrews             22.95

   Ceremonies of the Living Spirit pb 150 pgs                                            Rael                14.95

   Cherokee Full Circle, The - A Practical Guide to Ceremonies and Traditions pb 191...  Garrett, JT ...     14.00

   Cherokee Herbal pb 275 pgs                                                            J. T. Garrett        0.00

   CHEROKEE PLANTS(THEIR USES A 400 YR.HISTORY)                                          Chiltoskey /...      5.50

   Cherokee Psalms - A Collection of Hymns in the Cherokee Language                      Sharpe ed.- ...      5.00

   Circle is sacred (The) - Survivor:Vanuatu contestant Scout Cloud Lee pb 272 pgs       Lee, Scout C...     17.95

   Daughters of the Earth - The lives & legends of American Indian women pb 281 pgs fni  Neithammer, ...     17.00

   Giving Voice to Bear - North Am. Indian Myths, Rituals, and Images of the Bear pb...  Rockwell, David     19.95

   Gospel of the Redman (The) - A way of life. pb 108 pgs                                Seton, Ernes...      7.00

   Handbook of Native American Herbs(A) pb 200pg                                         Alma Hutchens       18.95

   Herbal Remedies from the Wild pb 248 pgs                                              Corrinne Martin     15.00

   Honoring the Medicine - The Essential Guide to Native American Healing pb 428 pgs...  Cohen               16.95

   Indian Herbalogy of North America pb382pg index                                       Alma Hutchens       24.95

   Iroquois Foods & Food Preparation  pb 197pgs  39 plates Reprint Canada Dept of Mi...  Waugh               15.00

   Iroquois Uses of Maize & Other Food Plants pb 120 pgs reprint - 1910                  Parker, AC          11.00

   Lakota way, The - stories and lessons pb 237 pgs fni                                          15.00

   Medicine of the Cherokee - the way of right relationship pb 223pgs                    Garrett             14.00

   Medicine Wheel Garden (The) - Creating Sacred Space for Healing, Celebration, and...  Kavasch             18.95

   Native American Gardening pb158pg                                                     Caduto/Bruchac      16.95

   Buffalo Bird Woman's Garden pb129pg..The classic account of Hidatsa Am. Indian ga...  Wilson, Gilbert      8.95

   Native Harvests - American Indian Wild Foods & Recipes pb 237 pgs                     Kavasch             12.95

   Native Spirit The Sun Dance Way pb 101 pgs color illus.                               Yellowtail          19.95

   Nature - Speak - Signs, Omens & Messages in Nature pb 447 pgs                         Andrews, Ted        22.95

   People's Ecology; A   pb 282                                                          Ed. Cajete          14.95

   Plants of the Cherokee pb 150 pgs                                                     Banks, Wm           11.95

   Sacred Pipe(The) - Black Elk's Account of 7 Rites/Oglala Sioux                        Brown(ed.)          20.00

   Sacred Plant Medicine  - The wisdom in Native American Herbalism pb 210 pg index      Buhner              16.00

   Sacred Sage-How it heals booklet                                                      Silver Wolf ...      5.50

   Sacred Sage - Spirit Medicine pb 81pgs                                                Silver Wolf ...      8.95

   SELU - Seeking the corn-mother's wisdom pb 336 pgs                                    Awiakta             16.95

   Spirits of the Earth - A guide to native American nature symbols, stories and cer...  Bobby Lake-Thom     18.00

   When the Night Bird Sings pb 173 pgs..A charming collection of tiny essays captur...  Hifler              11.95

   Wild Food Plants of Indiana & Adjacent States  pb 215 pgs + index                     McPherson / ...     22.50

   Wild Roots - A Forager's Guide to the Edible & Medicinal Roots, Tubers, Corms & R...  Elliott             16.95

   *************Language Instructions Audio CS - Books*********************                                   0.00

   Cherokee Made Easy CD+booklet                                                         Robinson            53.00

   Cherokee Study Course Vol 1 CD & workbook 44 pgs                                      Robinson            25.00

   Cherokee Words (with Pictures) (pb56pgs)                                              Chiltoskey           5.50

   Eastern Cherokee - a language sampler Kituwah Dialect 1AC+booklet speaker - Marie...  with Marie J...     21.00

   Easy to Use Cherokee Dictionary 126pg                                                 Robinson, Pr...     20.00

   Nature Names in T'sa la gi - A Cherokee Word list with Pictures and descriptive s...  Robinson, Pr...      5.95

   O si you, to hi tsu   Uh...then what? Conversation Starters in Cherokee pb 28 pgs     Robinson             9.00

   Speak Cherokee Right Now  pb 32pgs                                                    Billie Ruth ...      7.00

   Your Name in Cherokee - more than 1000 English names written in Cherokee/English ...  Robinson             7.00

   ****************INDIAN BOOKS NOT OTHERWISE CLASSIFIED ***************************...                       0.00

   After the Trail of Tears pb438pgs fni                                                 Wm McLoughlin       22.50

   American Indian Stories pb 89 pgs                                                     Zitkala-Sa           5.95

   American Indians of the Southeast (Men-at-Arms series288)pb48pgs                      Johnson & Hook      17.95

   Arrowheads & Stone Artifacts - A practical guide for the amateur archaeologist 2d...  Yeager              16.95

   Black Indians Slave Narratives pb 200 pgs                                             Minges, Patrick     12.95

   The Book of the American Indian pb 284 pg c1923                                       Garland ed N...     17.95

   Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee pb 442 pg An Indian history of the American West        Dee Brown           16.00

   Cherokee Americans - The Eastern Band of Cherokees in the Twentieth Century pb  1...  Finger              19.95

   Chancers hb 159pgs                                                                    Vizenor             20.00

   Cherokee Perspective (The) pb 244pgs                                                  ed: French &...      9.95

   Cherokee Dance & Drama                                                                Speck; Frank         9.95

   Cherokee Heritage Trails Guidebook..pb 367 pgs fni                                    Duncan & Riggs      17.95

   Cherokee Medicine Man -OUT OF PRINT- The life and work of a modern-day healer HB ...  Conley              19.95

   Cherokee Roots Vol 1 - Eastern pb 163 pgs - 11 rolls                                  Blankenship         11.00

   Cherokee Roots V2 Western Cherokee Rolls pb 365 pgs - Includes Old Settlers, Dren...  Blankenship         20.00

   Contrary Neighbors pb 292pgs fni                                                      David LaVere        18.95

   Coyote Warrior - One man, three tribes, & the trial that forged a nation pb 321 p...  Vandevelder         19.95

   Crying for a Dream - The world through Native American Eyes pb121pgs                  Erdoes              24.95

   HISTORY OF BEADS(The) hb 364pgs                                                       Dubin               70.00

   INDIAN SIGN LANGUAGE(1931)                                                            Tompkins             6.00

   Indian Spirit pb 150 pgs                                                                                  14.95

   Legends of the Longhouse pb 202 pgs..Reprint of 1938 edition                          Cornplanter, JJ     13.00

   Lies My Teacher Told Me-Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong pb 44...  Loewen              16.00

   Made of Thunder, Made of Glass: American Indian Beadwork of the Northeast pb 48 p...                      19.95

   Me Funny pb 191 pgs - A far reaching exploration of First Nations humour.             Taylor, Drew        19.95

   Meditations with The Lakota pb123 pgs..Prayers, Songs, and Stories of Healing and...  Paul Steinmetz      12.95

   Native American Courtship & Marriage pb 127 pgs index                                 Gourse              11.95

   Powwow pb 309pgs fni This anthology examines origins, meanings & enduring power o...  Ed. Ellis, L...     19.95

   Rock Art Symbols (A Field Guide to) of the Greater Southwest pb 256 pgs               Patterson, Alex     17.50

   Storm in the Mountains - Thomas' Confederate Legion of Cherokee Indians and Mount...  Crow, Vernon        19.00

   Taos Tales                                                                            Elsie Clews ...      0.00

   WHERE LEGENDS LIVE                                                                    Rossman              5.00

   Witch of Going Snake (The), and Other Stories pb 165pgs                               Conley              17.00

   **********Books about Specific TRIBES or Groups******************                                          0.00

   American Woodlands Indians (Men-at-Arms series228) pb 47pgs                           Johnson & Hook      17.95

   Black Indians - a hidden heritage pb 198pg                                            Wm Loren Katz       12.00

   Blackfeet (The) Raiders on the Northwestern Plains pb 345 pgs                         Ewers; John         25.00

   Book of the Navajo (The) pb495 pgs fni                                                Locke                8.95

   CHEROKEES; PAST & PRESENT(THE) (pb 32pgs)                                             Sharpe; J. Ed        5.50

   Cherokee Women pb 250 pgs fni                                                                             17.95

   CHEYENNE INDIANS(The); War; Ceremonies & Religion; Vol 2                              George Bird ...     25.95

   Cheyenne River Sioux - South Dakota - Images of America pb128 pgs collection of r...  Sprague             19.99

   Crow Indians, (The) pb 345 pgs 2d Edition                                             Lowie               17.95

   Hear Me; My Chiefs! - Nez Perce Legend & History pb 640pgs                            McWhorter           19.95

   History of the Incas pb 394 pg                                                        Gamboa              14.95

   History of the Ojibway People pb 409 pgs fni                                          Warren, Wm W.       16.95

   History of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan pb 128 pgs grammar facs1887    Blackbird           12.00

   Indian Tribes of the Lower Mississippi Valley & Adjacent Coast of the Gulf of Mex...  Swanton             16.95

   Indian Tribes of the New England Frontier (Men-at-Arms #428) pb 48 pgs                Johnson, Mic...     15.95

   Navajo Long Walk - Tragic story of a proud people's forced march from their homel...  Bruchac Ill....     18.95

   OKLAHOMA SEMINOLES Medicine, Magic & Religion (pb 280pgs)                             Howard/Lena         15.00

   Southern Cheyennes(The) pb 442 pgs fni                                                Bertrong             0.00

   Sweet Salt - Discovering the Sacred World of the Navajo pb 223 pgs                    Locke                7.00

   Oral History of Tahlequah and the Cherokee Nation (Voices of America) pb 128 pgs      Duvall              18.99

   TEN GRANDMOTHERS(THE;Epic of the Kiowas)                                              Marriott; Alice      0.00

   Trail of Tears (The Rise & Fall of the Cherokee Nation) pb 424 pgs fni                Ehle                16.00

   Tribes of the Iroquois Confederacy pb 48 pgs index - Men-at-Arms Series 395                               15.95

   Tribes That Slumber - Indians of the Tennessee Region pb192pg                         Lewis and Kn...     19.00

   Ways of My Grandmother (The) pb 250pgs                                                Beverly Hung...     13.99