Wherever did you come up with the handle IHCOYC XPICTOC? How did you get started drawing? Where did  you get the idea to draw all of these ridiculous amazons and superheroines, anyways? Well, what is it about them that you find so attractive? I'll bet you are one of those perverts who likes to wrestle women. Drawing all of those muscles on women, I'll bet you're secretly or subconsciously gay. Come on!  It's unnatural!  No women in real life actually have muscles like that. But don't you exaggerate their muscularity?  as well as other things? You're a sexist pig, then!  You pander to the male gaze by objectifying women and exploiting their bodies! Who are some of your favourite artists and cartoonists? Who are some characters you have created? Where, apart from here, does your art appear? What software do you use to create your pictures? BACK to the main menu.