"Much That Is Spoken In Seriousness, Is Said In Jest"
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Preserve Freedom

Boondocks  BOONDOCKS * Political Humor, A Black Viewpoint *

 CAPITOL STEPS * Political Humor *

 DILBERT * In Case Your Paper Is Not Cool Enough To Put It In *

 DOONSBURY * Electronic Town Hall *

 EASILY AMUSED * The Ultimate Guide To Wasting Time*

Mark Fiore  MARK FIORE * Funny As Hell - With a Message *

George carlin  GEORGE CARLIN * His Own Official Site *  

 HIPPIE AND  BLACK GUY * You Will Smile * {Link Fixed}

Monty Python  MONTY PYTHON * Their Real Site - Maybe *  New

Outland  OUTLAND * Official Unofficial Bloom County & Outland *

Sacred Cow  SACRED COW * Is Anything Sacred? *

 STRANGE * The truly weird *

This Modern World  THIS MODERN WORLD * Excellent Political Humor *

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