"The politics of religion, and the religion of politics, are not to be mixed"
- Last Update September 6, 2009 -
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20/20   20/20 VISION * Makeing Grassroots Activism Simple for Busy People. *

AL  ACTIVIST LIST * A Fair List Of Politically Activist Sites *

AS   ANTI-SLAVERY * Yes, It Does Exist, and You Can Fight It. *

BTL   BETWEEN THE LINES * Award Winning Broadcasts Since '91. *

CP  COMMUNIST PARTY U.S.A. * Marxist-Leninist Working-Class Party *

CC  CONGRESSIONAL CONTACT * No Better Contact Site * [updated 9/6/09]

CorpWatch   CORPORATE WATCH * What Are They Really Doing *

DP  DEMOCRATIC PARTY * Are They Really Liberal? *

D  DOONSBURY * Politically Funny - In A Serious Way *

Junk   ELECTRIC-WORDS * You Want Well Documented Truth? *

ETP  E-THE PEOPLE * America's Interactive Town Hall *

FAIR   F.A.I.R. * Most Respected Media Watch Group *

GP  GREEN PARTY * Are They Not Gaining An Influence? *

Hightower  JIM HIGHTOWER RADIO * Very Well Researched Commentary. *

LoWV  LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS * A Force For Change. *

LAS  LET AMERICA SPEAK * For The Advocacy Services Of America's Charities. *

LP  LIBERTARIAN PARTY * Defend The Rights Of The Individual. *

MJ  MOTHER JONES * Yes, MoJo Is Online. *


No Jail   NO JAIL FOR POT * Have you signed the declaration yet? *

NW  NONVIOLENCE WEB * Non-Violence Is A Good Thing Today *

OS  OPEN SECRETS * Following The Money - Very Well Researched. *

Politics TV  POLITICS TV * For Those Opposed To The Radical Right. *  new

Censored  PROJECT CENSORED * Behind The Iron Curtin Of Corporate Media. *

Protest  PROTEST.NET * Showing That Serious Activism Is Alive And Well *

Real Impact  REAL IMPACT * Best Help Making A Message Have Impact *

RPFARC  REAL PEOPLE FOR A REAL CHANGE * Character Reviews Of Candidates. *

RP1  REFORM PARTY * People Wanted A Political Alternative *

REP   REP AMERICA * The Environmental Conscience Of The GOP *

RP2  REPUBLICAN PARTY * Are They Really Conservative? *

T  THOMAS * A Service Of The Congress Through Its Library. *    

UNEP   UNEP * United Nations Environment Programme *

UWSA  UNITED WE STAND AMERICA * An Issues & Educational Site *

TUI  THE URBAN INSTITUTE* A Nonprofit Policy Research Organization *

W  WITNESS * Seeing Is Believing, Shoot A video, Donate A Camera *

WA  WORKING ASSETS * Democracy - It's Something You Do. *

Znet   ZNET MAGAZINE * Committed To Social Change *


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