Indian Creek Trading Post, 3165 Shiloh Rd - SW, Corydon, IN 47112

We also carry craft supplies.

To order - Call (812) 738-9370 (10 am 'till 10 pm Eastern Time)
or Email to

Checks, Cash, good shell wampum accepted.(Trade value quoted upon request)

Hairpipe Priced as below:

Cow Bone or Horn Hairpipe (white or black)

1/2"       $7.00 per strand of 100     $30.00 per 500 pieces

1"          $11.00 per 100 pieces   $30.00 per 300 pieces

1 1/2"   $4.00 per strand of 25   $16 per bag - 125 pieces

2"     $6 per strand of 25  $28.00 per bag - 125 pieces

3"    $21.00 per bag of 50 pieces

4"     $30.00 per 50 pieces

Sheep Horn Hairpipe (natural amber color in sizes above) and Dyed Horn Hairpipe (not colorfast cherry or mahogany color)  Can be special ordered.
Fluted bone hairpipe in the sizes above can also be special ordered.
Call or E-mail for prices.

Thin Bone Hairpipe

1/2"  $10 per 100 pieces $40 per 500 pieces
1"      $7 per 50 pieces   $30 per 250 pieces
1 1/2" $5  per 25 pieces   $16 per 100 pieces

[see Bone Beads & Shapes]
Bone shapes for necklaces - Plain $ 2 ea Fancy $ 4 Shell disks for chokers. Call for prices & sizes.

Image of several kinds of beads
Above are a few of the Glass Crow Beads and Chevrons we have. For best viewing of the other samples on the page, please adjust your monitor so you can see the colors of the dark ones. Thanks, we don't want to confuse anybody :-)~

          Item                                Price each

Glass Crow Beads(call for colors)              $   .06
Strand of scant 100 beads is                 $  4.00

[see Crow Beads Regular colors]
 $10.00 per 1/2 kilo(about 700 beads)
[see Crow Luster Beads]
add $3.00 per 1/2 kilo for luster.
[see Mini Crow Regular Beads]
$15.00 per 1/2 kilo(about 2000 beads)
[see Mini Crow Luster Beads]
add $3.00 per 1/2 kilo for luster.

1/4" Solid Brass Bead(large or small hole)    $ .15  $32 per 1/2 kilo(300+ beads)
1/4" Brass Hollow Bead                               $ .05
1/8" Brass Hollow Bead                               $ .03
1/4" Nickel Plated Hollow Bead                   $ .05
1/8" Nickel Plated Hollow Bead                   $ .03
Glass Seed Beads (sizes 10 & 12)     $2 to 5.50 per ounce.
[see latest colors]
Glass Pony Beads(2 sizes)
Ghost Bead Reproductions
White Hearts [see 4mm 6mm 8mm whitehearts]
Artificial Sinew                   $ 8.00 per 135 Yard roll.

[see natural quills and some quillwork earrings and barrette]
The petals of the flowers, are cut quills, sewn as aplique to a deerskin base.

[see Reproductions of Old Beads]
[see Antique Melon Beads]

We have  a few Cherokee Tears or Corn Beads which we grew ourselves. The price is $6 per cup (8 fl oz.) [see new Corn Bead Necklace]
[see old Corn Bead Necklace from 1960s or before] They are usually mixed with other beads to make a necklace. The hole in the center of each bead is put there by nature. They are also called Jobe's Tears and were called "Love beads" way back in the '60s..

 We also sell bumper stickers and clothing patterns:

Price $2.00 each size about 4" x 15" (INDIANS DICOVERED AMERICA) Pictured. Others available are:

plus several more.

Patterns include:
[see back of pattern information]
Missouri River Patterns (brand) - most $8.00

Cherokee Tear Dress(shown)
Child's Cloth Dress
Tradecloth Dress
Plains Indian Cloth Dress
Plains Indian Buckskin Dress
Jingle Dress
Child's Jingle Dress
Woman's Leather Accesories (Eagle's View brand)
Ribbon Shirt
Cherokee Man's Ribbon Shirt
Man's Straight Dance Suit, with ribbonwork instructions
Child's Ribbon Shirt
Indian War Shirt(Eagle's View brand)
Plains War Shirt
Breechclout & Leggings
Boy's Breechclout & Leggings(Eagle's View brand)
The Capote
Others available-let us know what you want -

We can send a scan of the cover if you need to look at it.

Shipping/handling on any supply order is actual cost + $2.00 for handling.
We take Checks, Money Orders, (Cash at your own risk).
Thanks for your interest !! Many Feathers & Jim Landmesser - Owners

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