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Since Apr 1, 1997

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... to preserve, promote and perpetuate the Blues Tradition ...


Blues-isms and Grafitti seen around town and the USA

  • List a "Blues-ism" here
  • Love the life you live and live the life you love! (modified from Vinny)
  • If ya don't love the blues, ya got a hole in your soul !
  • Life without Blues is like a bar without booze: boring (submitted by Jan)
  • Inscription on bluesman's headstone - " I didn't wake-up this mornin'...."
  • The blues had a baby and they called it rock-n-roll
  • The Blues is Alright!
  • Blues Powered
  • Mean People Suck
  • No Black, No White, Just Blues
  • Play the Blues, Damn It! (back of Stevie Ray's Blues Bar t-shirts)
  • Thank you for holding your breath while I smoke
  • Blue to the Bone, til the day I die!
  • It ain't easy bein' sleazy! (seen on the back of a t-shirt)
  • Doin' my part to piss off the moral majority! (seen on a bumper sticker)
  • Blues...Music about life that has been lived and will always live on
  • Greatness is in the detail percieved by few
  • Any attempt to define the blues should end with the phrase "but not exactly"
  • Drill Sergeant taught me the real meaning of the Blues
  • If it ain't been in a pawn shop, it cant play the blues! (submitted by One Card Shy)


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